The decisive battle of Ukraine Kherson is about to happen… Russia is forcibly evacuating residents


Russia is forcibly evacuating residents of the area, amid reports of an imminent Ukrainian military offensive to recapture the key southern city of Kherson.

Some are raising questions about whether the retreating Russian army is trying to use them as human shields.

This is reporter Han Mi-hee.


Some residents have fled to neighboring Crimea after an evacuation order was issued in Kherson in southern Ukraine, where Russia is on the defensive.

<알라 / 헤르손 주민> “The situation is full of tension and the city is empty. Everyone is very nervous as the explosion intensifies.”

Local officials say there are still many people left and encourage them to leave quickly.

<키릴 스트레무소프 / 헤르손 점령지 행정부 부수반> “I beg you of what is to come. A difficult decision will be made. Save your life.”

Deputy Head of State Stremusov said in an interview with the press that the Russian military “is very likely to leave for the eastern coast of the Dnipro River”, suggesting that it could abandon the western bank of the river, including the capital Kherson.

Kherson is a strategic point facing Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, which was forcibly annexed by Russia in 2014, and Ukraine has anticipated an additional large-scale offensive after retaking some areas from here last month.

Russia has expanded its evacuation orders and is on a defensive posture.

According to the Wall Street Journal of the United States, some are raising doubts that Russia may have been forced to migrate to use local residents as ‘human shields’.

When the Russian army retreats, it plans to hide behind a procession of migrating residents to avoid the Ukrainian offensive.

A military vehicle and a civilian evacuation vehicle are caught crossing the Dnipro River, an official said.

This is Han Mi-hee’s Yonhap News Agency.

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