“The Deflation Act Is Very Aggressive” Macron Throws a Quick Pitch at Biden

Remarks at a dinner during a visit to the United States

‘Half a year’ for US protectionist trade policy

Mentioned at the Summit

The face is smiling … French President Emmanuel Macron (back), who visited the United States, smiles and talks with US President Joe Biden on the 30th (local time). Washington | UPI Yonhap news

On the 30th of last month (local time), French President Emmanuel Macron, who is visiting the United States, strongly criticized the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which requires subsidies for North American electric vehicles only, as “very aggressive.” President Macron is expected to raise issues with the IRA at a summit with President Joe Biden the next day.

AFP news agency reported that President Macron said at a business lunch for congressional and business leaders at the Library of Congress in Washington that he was “very aggressive towards French businessmen” about the IRA subsidies. “The IRA may solve America’s problems, but it will make France’s problems bigger,” Macron said. I’m sorry I have to be so direct.”

He also said that there is a middle class in France that needs jobs. It is understood that the Biden administration has expressed dissatisfaction with the revival of high-tech manufacturing in the United States and pushed for regulations on American production under the banner of ‘foreign policy for the middle class’. AFP reported that President Macron also said, “I want to be respected as a good friend (of the United States).”

President Macron later met with staff at the French embassy in Washington, where he said he supported the IRA’s environmental aims, but that “the IRA’s subsidies provisions could divide the West”.

White House spokesman Curin Janfair said the IRA “benefits energy security and European businesses” and said it was “not a zero-sum game.”

President Macron’s comments, which came a day before the summit with the United States, predict that he will strongly oppose the protectionist stance of the United States represented by the IRA. South Korea, Japan, and the European Union (EU) have criticized the IRA rule, which exempts non-North American electric vehicles from tax credits, as a discriminatory measure.

The EU is pressing the US to find a sincere solution, such as suspending the application of the IRA clause, before the US-EU Trade Technical Committee (TTC) meeting to be held in the USA on the 5th. France, in particular, has the strongest stance in the EU. France is leading the public opinion that if the IRA problem is not resolved, the ‘Sub-European Act’ should be enacted to protect the EU market.

President Macron is the first foreign leader to pay a state visit to the United States after President Biden took office. President Macron is holding a joint press conference and official dinner after the summit with President Biden on the 1st.

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