“The delivery fee is low, and the chicken hasn’t come in 2 hours.” The delivery is a blast” – Herald Business


[헤럴드경제=박혜림 기자] “Sometimes after delivery, I will die of hunger”

#. Office worker A ordered a franchise chicken through Coupang Eats last month. After placing an order at around 8 pm, the estimated cooking and delivery time provided by Coupang Eats is 30 minutes. However, the chicken that was supposed to arrive at 8:30 was delayed to 8:45, 10 minutes before the expected arrival time, and again at 8:35, 10 minutes before the arrival time, to 9:00. In this way, it was 9:30 pm when Mr. A, who was notified of the delay until the fifth time, finally received the chicken. Person A burst into anger, saying, “I don’t expect it to arrive in 30 minutes, but it’s not a problem that it’s delayed by an hour from the expected time.”

Consumers and business owners are increasingly dissatisfied with Coupang Eats’ frequent delivery delays. Even after the food is cooked, the delivery driver (rider) assignment is delayed and the food is re-cooked, and there are also a number of consumers who cancel after waiting for delivery.

According to the Citizens’ Council on Consumer Sovereignty, a consumer civic group, recently, there has been a series of delays in delivery within Coupang Eats, causing damage to consumers and business owners.

The reason is the delivery fee. The Citizens’ Council for Consumer Sovereignty said, “Unlike other delivery apps, Coupang Eats has adopted a ‘crowd sourcing’ method that mobilizes ordinary people for delivery work. This is because delivery drivers have moved to a competitor with higher commissions.

In fact, if you look at the related communities, there are a lot of complaints from not only consumers but also from Coupang Eats franchise owners. One self-employed business owner said, “The cooking was completed, but the dispatch was delayed for over an hour, so the customer canceled the order.” Thanks to that, I waited 1 hour and 40 minutes, but in the end the order was canceled.” Among the self-employed, there are even rumors that when 10 orders come in, 8 orders seem to be allocated due to delay.

Another problem is that even if consumers who couldn’t wait try to pick up the food by visiting the store themselves, they cannot get the delivery fee already paid back. In many cases, cooking has already been completed, so canceling an order is cumbersome.

The Citizens’ Council for Consumer Sovereignty said, “The delivery delay problem of Coupang Eats is nothing more than deceiving consumers who use the service by paying an expensive delivery fee.” We will need to prevent recurrence by improving the system, such as ordering,” he pointed out.


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