The department manager reminds me to reveal the promise in the black room, Ingfah, do you remember?

After they came out and commented that Kong let Ingfah get the job until he had no time to rest. At the same time, Ingfah’s daughter came out to live to explain this matter. “Not running away. Just tired and wanting to rest. Throughout 5 months, I’ve never stopped working. which has already been reported to the department’s team”

The latest beauty queen Coco Araya Suparuek The Miss Grand Thailand pageant manager did not wait to post a personal IG story. To go back to the day I had interviewed Ingfah in the black room before being crowned Miss Grand she remembers that she used to talk like a ready-to-use beauty queen. There will be no annoying

By noting the message that “When interviewing the younger brother in the black room I remember my brother replied, “Ready to be a beauty queen, ready to use There will be no tired * because I have been waiting for fame for a long time May I ask for the same Ingfah when I promised in the black room? with final name .. Competition Department Manager

However, on September 22, 2022, Ingfah will talk to Boss Nawat as a face-to-face conversation. find a solution together And explain what happened to both sides, want the beauty queen to be excited about how this story will end.

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