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The Department of Corrections found 1,049 inmates infected with coronavirus for the first time in weeks

by news dir

21 July 2021


“Department of Corrections” found 1,049 inmates infected with coronavirus, focusing on proactive detection to heal quickly reduce the number of critically ill patients and reduce the mortality rate ready to speed up vaccination for vulnerable inmates

On July 21, 2021, public relations Department of Corrections Publication of the statement Mr. Ayut Sinthapphan, Director-General of the Department of Corrections which revealed the epidemic situationCovid-19 In prisons and penitentiaries (as of July 20, 21 at 4 p.m.), there were 1,049 new infections (1,015 were found in red prisons and 34 new inmates were found in quarantine rooms). ) 95 additional recoveries, including 3,824 infected inmates in the care of the Department of Corrections, and no deaths were reported for the 11th consecutive day.

Mr Ayut said today the number of infections hit the thousands for the first time in weeks. which is caused by accelerating aggressive infection detection to clearly separate the sterile white prisons and the contagious red prisons. which will be useful in disease control and for the infected to receive treatment as soon as possible. The main goal is to reduce the severity of the disease. reduce the number of critically ill patients and reduce the mortality rate

found that the present Approximately 81.4% of the green group was infected when treated and given andrographis paniculata. can be cured in 14 days, while the yellow group has 17.9% and the red group 0.7%, with 36,615 cumulative cured patients, or 89.7% of the 40,821 cumulative cases, and the mortality rate is present. at 0.1% of all cumulative infections

Mr. Ayut continued to say from the spread of external infections that tend to be more severe Department of Corrections has raised the level of surveillance and strictly prevent the spread of infection In addition to pre-testing and quarantining new inmates according to the system also prevent infection that may be transmitted through the operator therefore managed to perform the duties as a set so that each set will be operating in the area all the time 24 hour for a period of time 7 consecutive days and rotated alternately according to the number of personnel in each prison

Mr. Ayut said during the break Do not leave the area or travel into the risk area is strictly prohibited. as well as hygiene and cleanliness standards compliance with measures D-M-H-T and preventing germs from touching things by having to clean and disinfect every step of the way 100% which the Department of Corrections believes that different actions other these It can effectively prevent the spread of infection in all prisons and correctional institutions.

in addition Department of Corrections also accelerate the implementation of vaccination in prisoners to prevent and reduce the severity of the disease Vaccination has been carried out, the first dose of 53,554 cases and the second dose of 51,581 cases, a total of 105,135 doses, both received from the Department of Disease Control. Royal vaccine and from other sources which is currently in the process of coordinating to request additional vaccines to expedite injections for vulnerable inmates Especially white prisons, where no outbreaks in the red areas were found. before distributing until all according to the general public vaccination plan


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