The Department of Disease Control expects this year’s “dengue fever” epidemic to see 5.4 times more cases than in 2012.

The Department of Disease Control expects this year’s “dengue fever” epidemic to see 5.4 times more cases than in 2012.

Today (26 May 2023) Tares Krassanairawiwong Dr The Director General of the Department of Disease Control said the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has now found an increase in reports of infectious diseases carried by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in Thailand. especially dengue fever Data from the report in 2023, from the beginning of the year to the 19th week of the year, 15,399 cumulative cases of dengue fever were found, which was more than 2022 compared to the same period, 5.4 times more than 2,942 cases were found. With 13 confirmed cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever, the first 5 provinces where the highest number of cases were detected were Nan, Trat, Chumphon, Chanthaburi and Tak, where the Department of Disease Control emphasized that such issues were not incidents usual. And meet the criteria to open an incident command center in the Department of Disease Control The Director General of the Department of Disease Control will head the incident. And proceed with network agencies in the epidemic area. to use forces and resources from other parts Control the prevention and control of the disease to be as effective as possible.

“On May 23, Direk Khampaen The Deputy Director General of the Department of Disease Control chaired the opening of the Incident Control Center (EOC), of the Department of Disease Control. has given an order to speed up the prevention and control campaign with urgent action in conjunction with the Department of Health Service Support which oversees more than 1 million village health volunteers (VHVs) helping to drive people to work together to eliminate mosquito larvae from their own areas. And from the Aedes aegypti larval index survey data from the Department of Communicable Diseases carried by Insects. A survey of mosquito larvae in water containers in different locations. It was found that temples were still the places where coma was found the highest (64.6%), followed by schools (55.1%), government offices and factories found the next highest number. Importantly, temples were places where many people make merit. It can be very dangerous to spread the disease. And schools are places where the risk group are students aged 5 and over, which is the group that reports the greatest number of illnesses,” said Dr. Tares.

Sophon Iamsirithavorn The Deputy Director General of the Department of Disease Control said that this is the rainy season that the Meteorological Department has officially announced the rainy season since May 22, 2023, and occasional storms and rain news occur every year during outbreaks of such. dengue hemorrhagic fever Because the rainwater will decrease will increase the number of mosquito breeding sites in more places. Successful prevention and control of the disease requires measures in terms of people, pathogens, mosquito vectors, and requires the cooperation of all sectors. Part by using a combination of methods, such as reducing breeding sites through environmental management. eliminate mosquito larvae prevent mosquito bites Use chemicals to kill mosquitoes especially in case of disease and advise the public if they are sick or if they are suspected of having dengue hemorrhagic fever You must hurry to see a doctor for the correct diagnosis and treatment. Do not buy self-medication, especially drugs in the NSAIDs group such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, aspirin, including combination drugs, which can easily cause gastrointestinal bleeding. and difficult to treat gives the risk of death

Dr Rattapong Buriwong The Director of the Division of Disease Control and Health Emergencies added that Opening an incident command center Its main objective is To reduce the number of dengue patients in Thailand to not exceed the median value for the last 5 years in June and throughout the rainy season (June-August) and to reduce the morbidity and mortality rate to no more than 0.10% in 2023 by using a follow-up strategy Control and eliminate mosquito larval breeding sites in all provinces in Thailand. Investigating sources of disease transmission and disease control in dengue endemic states. Communicate risks and promote dengue fever through media suitable for target groups. Assignment of various missions It is expected that the control system will be driven above and within the base of the epidemic area with maximum efficiency. For more information, contact the 1422 helpline.


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