The Department of Disease Control reveals there were 21 more cases of “little monkeypox” in May, and the trend is increasing. Keep an eye out for risks during Pride Month

The Department of Disease Control reveals May 21 found more cases of monkeypox, the trend is increasing. In general, 43 cases have been discovered in Thailand. Keep an eye on June during Pride Month. Emphasize avoiding close contact. having sex with a stranger or a rash with pustules

On June 1, the Department of Disease Control published information about the situation of smallpox or monkeypox during last May Having found another 21 cases, which are expected to increase among men who have sex with men. One must be vigilant during Pride month or month to celebrate the support of rights, freedom and equality among LGBT people. held throughout June throughout Thailand

Dr Tares Krassanairawiwong Director General of the Department of Disease Control said that since the first smallpox case was detected in Thailand in July 2022, 43 cases have been reported, and the trend continues to increase. But this disease can be prevented by taking the right steps. be able to check the initial symptoms themselves If there is a history of close contact or having sex with smallpox or a suspected smallpox patient, or a suspicion of smallpox/pox as follows: 1. Having sex with a suspected or patient smallpox through the following channels: genitals, anus or mouth; 3. used to care for suspected or smallpox patients while ill

“Notice within 21 days after touching the patient if there are symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle aches or back pain, swollen lymph nodes such as behind the ears, neck, groin, sore throat, congestion nasal or cough, rash or blisters or pustules in the area, genitals or anus or the area around the hands, feet, chest, face, or mouth area Go to hospital urgently for examination, report symptoms and immediate risk history,” said Dr. Tares.

Dr Taret said How to prevent smallpox infection, such as avoiding sex with unknown strangers Avoid close contact with people who have rashes, blisters or grains Avoid being in crowded places. Including recommending frequent hand washing and not sharing personal items with others, etc.

Sophon Iamsirithavorn Deputy Director General of the Department of Disease Control said that the Department of Disease Control is asking for cooperation. Networks that work closely with people such as hospitals, public health hospitals, private clinics, civil society organizations health institutions, such as spas, in publicizing information and recommendations for observing the symptoms of smallpox to the public. to create accurate knowledge and understanding of smallpox prevention for the target population as well as participating in smallpox surveillance and control According to guidelines for smallpox surveillance, investigation and control


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