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The Department of Health reiterates that ‘shopping centers and department stores’ are intensifying measures in 3 areas.

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September 5, 2021


Department of Health emphasizes shopping centers ‘Department store’ tightens COVID Free Setting ‘safety measures’ on 3 sides after being relaxed to reopen To prevent infection and spread of COVID-19

Today (5 Sept. 20) Dr. Suwanchai Wattana Yingcharoenchai Director-General of the Department of Health said that from the issuance of requirements “Department stores, shopping centers, community malls” is issued under Article 9 of the Royal Decree. Government Administration in Emergency Situations BE 2548, No. 32, stipulates that shopping centers mall In the most restrictive and restrictive area (dark red) the service is available.

but because it is an area where people gather quite high therefore asking for cooperation in shopping centers mall Operators must monitor the risks and follow the measures to prevent COVID-19. strictly as follows:

1) Clean common touch points and toilets every 1-2 hours.

2) Encourage online payments

3) Mark the distance between entrances and queue points.

4) Organize a queue system, limiting the number of people to no more than 1 person per 4 square meters.

5) Provide a partition between the employee (cashier) and the customer.

6) Run the clean air supply system or open the windows and doors for at least 30 minutes before opening and after closing the air conditioning system with appropriate ventilation for the number of people.

As for the bathroom, ventilation fans should be turned on at all times when providing services and ask for cooperation to assess and self-certify via the Thai Stop COVID Plus platform and present a certificate. To build confidence for both the establishment and service users

  • “Safety Measures” 3 aspects

Dr. Suwanchai went on to say that For measures to be enforced in the future, which will be considered according to the situation from October 1, 2021 onwards, is the use of measures. COVID Free Setting It consists of three aspects of safety:

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1) COVID Free Environment, such as cleaning common touch points every 1-2 hours, such as elevator buttons, stair handrails, wheelchair handrails, door openers, and cleaning products regularly. Clean the air conditioning system every 3 months, use a HEPA air filtration system, or install a local air filtration device. Focus on areas where there are many people and the air does not circulate, such as restaurants, supermarkets, etc., and strict measures prohibiting gathering in any one place.

2) Employee safety (COVID Free Personnel) has immunity. All employees are vaccinated with full doses. or have had a history of covid infection in the past 1-3 months and have to screen employees every day with the Thai Safe Thai system, including providing ATK for employees to check every 7 days. Group while working, during breaks and refrain from eating together, and follow universal prevention measures.

3) For safe service users (COVID Free Customer), screening the risks before entering the shop with the platform “Thai Safe Thai” or other applications prescribed by the government. If using the service in risky businesses, such as restaurants, beauty salons, barbers, aesthetic medicine clinics Must show evidence of complete vaccination doses. or a history of infection in the past 1-3 months or a negative ATK test for a period of not more than 7 days and entrepreneurs must comply with the measures or requirements of the province as well



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