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The Department of Negotiation urges the Fruit Department to use FTA for exports and recommends preparing to use RCEP rights

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Department of International Trade Negotiation accepts ‘Jurin’ policy to push entrepreneurs to take advantage of FTA to expand Thai fruit exports after 12 countries are FTA counterparts No tax on imports of frozen and dried fruit that has been exported from Thailand It also has the right to reduce taxes under the RCEP more, revealing that during the 9-month period, Thailand exported fruit to FTA countries with a share of up to 97%, exports of durian soared 67%, followed by mango, longan, rambutan and mangosteen.

Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director-General of the Department of International Trade Negotiations Revealed that the Department has followed the policy of Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce. It has accelerated the push for farmers, entrepreneurs and exporters to take advantage of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to expand fruit export markets. Especially in Thailand’s FTA counterpart countries, which do not collect import duties on most of the fruits that are exported from Thailand. After the salesman team rushed to find a market for Thai fruit abroad.

Thailand has 13 FTA agreements with 18 countries, of which 12 FTA counterparts, namely China, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong, do not impose import duties on fresh fruit. freeze and dry The other 6 countries, namely Japan, South Korea, India, Lao PDR, Cambodia and Vietnam, do not impose import duties on most fruits exported from Thailand either.

In addition, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) of South Korea, China and Japan has also opened up markets for fruits and juices from Thailand. For example, South Korea has lifted import tariffs on fresh durian and mangosteen exports from Thailand and China. Eliminate the taxation of pineapple juice and coconut juice exports from Thailand, etc., which entrepreneurs should be prepared to take advantage of. When the Agreement comes into force

According to statistics tracking for 9 months of 2021 (Jan.-Sept.), Thailand exported chilled, frozen and dried fruit globally, totaling USD 5,164.68 million, an increase of 52%. It is exported to countries where Thailand has a high FTA of 97% of total fruit exports. Countries that exported Thai fruits grew, such as China, increased 81%, Malaysia, increased 129%, Indonesia, increased 106%, Singapore, increased 60%, South Korea, increased 41%, and Japan, increased 9%. Thai fruit exports expanded well, such as fresh durian, increased 67. % Fresh mango + 53%, fresh longan + 54%, fresh rambutan + 33% and fresh mangosteen + 15%, etc.

However, Thailand is currently the world’s seventh largest fruit exporter, especially tropical fruits such as fresh durian, fresh mangosteen, and fresh longan, which are the most popular fruits in which Thailand is the world’s No. 1 export champion. Thailand is the second largest exporter of fresh mangos in ASEAN after Vietnam. and is ranked 7th in the world

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