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▲ A Chinese woman said she bought a deserted island in Okinawa three years ago. (Photo / flip from

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Recently, a piece of news has been widely discussed on Weibo. It is said that a female entrepreneur named Zhang from Shandong, China bought a deserted island in Okinawa, Japan. After the news was revealed, it attracted the attention of the Japanese media. “SAKISIRU” website reported that although the purchased “Yanaha Island” is not very important in terms of security, if Ms. Zhang sells the island to a Chinese state-owned enterprise, Beijing officials will have a strategic location which overlooks a US military base located in Japan. , Must be protected from!

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“Yanaha Island” is located in Okinawa, Japan, with a size of only about 700,000 square meters. At the end of January, Ms. Zhang released a short video, saying that she bought this deserted island three years ago; SAKISIRU also made a special report on this issue on February 5, pointing out that the use of Yanaha Island is not limited to business,

▲ “SAKISIRU” concluded from the appearance of the island that the one purchased was Okinawaya Naha Island. (Photo / flip from Weibo)

The signing date for the purchase of the island is 2020. “SAKISIRU” analyzed that, although Yanaha Island is not an important area that is restricted from purchase in terms of security, if the owner of the island resells his property rights to a state that owned by the Chinese state enterprise, it will be beneficial to China The government monitors the island of Okinawa, which also includes the Okinawa base where US troops are stationed in Japan.

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This news made Japanese netizens unhappy and criticized on Twitter, ”

However, Chinese netizens spoke arrogantly on Weibo, “Ryukyu belongs to China”, “It was originally our country’s indigenous territory, I hope the country has twice the price, and will get taken from her as state property”, “Buy the whole of Japan, it became the Ryukyu Province of China”, “Ryukyu was not Japanese territory in the first place, but was handed over to Japan by the US States because of selfishness after the Second World War, and it has no legitimacy.”

Ms Zhang is understood to have said that the bidding price for this deserted island was only RMB 600,000 (about NT$2.65 million). the deserted island It can be used as a destination, or resold, sub-leased to others, or developed in collaboration with other companies. It has not been disclosed that it has a military use.

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