The difference in price of cow and domestic chicken is 100 taka

In the Rangpur market, the price of broiler and Pakistani golden chicken has decreased during the week, but the price of domestic chicken has increased. Also, the prices of papaya, eggplant, cucumber, coriander and ginger have increased. Unprocessed include eggs, fish, rice, pulses and oil.

On Tuesday (March 28) various markets of Rangpur city were visited, broiler chicken decreased from Tk 250-260 to Tk 180-200 per kg, Pakistani chicken decreased from Tk 350-360 to Tk 320-330 and Pakistani layer at Tk 310-330 per kg. being sold However, domestic chicken is being sold at the rate of Tk 560-570 per kg, increasing from Tk 540-550.

Meanwhile, beef is being sold at Tk 670-700 and goat meat at Tk 900-1000 per kg like last week.

Al-Amin, a chicken seller at Mulatol Amtala market, told Jago News that the sale was low due to high chicken market. Now that the price has come down a bit, the sales have increased. But the supply of domestic chicken is less than the demand during Ramadan. Due to this, the price is increasing.

A visit to the vegetable market shows that per kg tomato is Tk 35-40, carrot is Tk 25-30, pumpkin is Tk 35-40, cucumber has increased from Tk 25-30 to Tk 40, sweet eggplant is Tk 20-25, round eggplant is Tk 35- Increased from Tk 40 to Tk 50-60, Papaya Tk 40 from Tk 25-30, Uste Tk 70 from Tk 55-60, Barab Tk 70-80, Lemon Tk 25-30, Green Chilli Tk 70-80, Dry Chilli 450-500 rupees as before, 40-50 rupees per gourd depending on the size, 80-100 rupees for coriander leaves from 50-60 rupees, 25-30 rupees for kanchkala hali, 30-35 rupees for sweet pumpkin per kg, 35-40 rupees for beans and 15 rupees Money pieces are being sold.

Apart from this, ginger has increased from Tk 130-140 to Tk 150-160 and garlic is being sold at Tk 80-100 per kg. All kinds of vegetables are available in the market for Tk 10-15. Apart from this, sajne data has decreased from Tk 130-140 to Tk 80-100, sweet potato is being sold at Tk 35-40 as before and patol has increased from Tk 55-60 to Tk 70-80 and dharas is being sold at Tk 70-80 per kg.

In the retail market, Cardinal potatoes are available at Tk 20 and Shil and Jhow potatoes at Tk 30-35 per kg, up Tk 4-5 from last week.

In the retail market, domestic onion is being sold at Tk 35 and imported Indian onion at Tk 30 per kg.

City market vegetable seller Ali Hossain said that the price of vegetables has increased over the week. Especially on the occasion of Ramadan, the prices of eggplant, cucumber and tomato have increased.

Ahsan Habib, who came to buy chicken in the city market, said that the price of broiler chicken has been reduced a little and there is relief. But what is the way for the middle class like us in the price of vegetables and other things?

Looking around the market, one liter of bottled soybean is selling at Tk 187 and two liters at Tk 374 and open soybean oil is selling at Tk 160-190 in the retail market.

In the rice market, it can be seen that golden rice is being sold at Tk 50-52, Pajam Tk 54-55, BR-28 Tk 60-65, Miniket Tk 75-78 and Nazirshail Tk 85 per kg in the retail market.

Looking around the market, open sugar is being sold in the retail market at Tk 115-120 per kg like last week. Apart from this, packet flour is being sold at Tk 65 and open flour at Tk 58-60, chickpea boot at Tk 95-100 and packet flour at Tk 78-80.

Lentils (medium) are being sold in the market at Tk 110-120, chick dal at Tk 130-140, mugdal at Tk 140-150 and bootdal at Tk 95-100 per kg. Poultry chicken eggs are being sold at 44-45 rupees in the retail market.

Meanwhile, the fish market can be seen, depending on the size, ruima fish 250-300 taka, mrigel 220-250 taka, karfu 200-220 taka, pangas 150-160 taka, tilapia 140-160, catal 400-450 taka, bata 160-180 taka, horn 300-400 taka, silver carp is selling at taka 150-250 and fish 600-650 taka per kg.

Jeetu Kabir/FA/ASM

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