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The director and actors are already in place, and the Netflix version of “Three-Body” is about to start shooting-American TV Series-cnBeta.COM

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As a Hugo Award-winning work, Chinese writer Liu Cixin’s novel “Three Body” has a large number of fans at home and abroad. Therefore, when the streaming media giant Netflix announced that it would shoot an English-language drama version of “Three Body”, it immediately attracted the attention of the outside world. Recently, heavy news about the drama version of “Three-Body” broke out one after another, and the director and the first batch of actors were selected successively, making this highly anticipated work closer and closer.

David Benioff (left) and DB Weiss, the developers of the “Three-Body” drama version.

As early as September 2020, when Sansei Universe and Youzu Group, the copyright owner of the “Three-Body” trilogy, and Netflix announced that they would jointly develop the English-language series “Three-Body”, its strong behind-the-scenes team was exposed. First of all, the original author Liu Cixin and the English translation of “Three Body” Liu Yukun, who is also a science fiction novelist, acted as production consultants. The screenwriter and production team includes David Benioff and DB Weiss, who developed “Game of Thrones”, and Alexander, who developed “True Love as Blood” and “Polar Evil” ·Wu (Alexander Woo). Rian Johnson (Rian Johnson) and his long-time production partner Ram Bergman (Ram Bergman), the director of “Loop Messenger”, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, and “Knife Out” will serve as producers .

After nearly a year of deliberation, on August 20 this year, the director of the drama version of “Three-Body” was finally determined-Hualuo Hong Kong director Zeng Guoxiang. The 42-year-old has directed critically acclaimed films such as “Anti-Corruption Storm”, “July and Ansheng”, and “Youth in Youth”. Among them, “Young You” represented Hong Kong, China as a finalist for the Oscar for Best International Film Award. In the last awards season, Zeng Guoxiang accepted many interviews from the US media, and his popularity abroad has greatly increased. This time he will not only serve as the director, but also as a co-executive producer.

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After the director dust settles, it is natural to announce the actor candidates. A few days ago, Benioff and Weiss announced the first batch of 12 actors. Earlier, it was reported that Eiza González, a Latina beauty who was already in the negotiation stage, was indeed on the list. She had been featured in film and television works such as “Take a Dawn”, “The Thief of the Car” and “I Care”. There are wonderful performances. Benioff and Weiss’ old partners in “Game of Thrones” John C. Bradley (John Bradley) and Liam Cunningham (Liam Cunningham) also joined the show. Unexpectedly, there are many oriental faces in the casting, including Benedict Wong, who starred in “Doctor Strange”, “Twin Killer”, “Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”; Li Shaohong’s version of “A Dream of Red Mansions” Zhou Caiqin, the actor of Zhong Jiamu and senior American actor; Jess Hong and new actress Zine Tseng who have appeared in “The Mystery of Duan Lin Town”. In addition, it also includes Jovan Adepo (Jovan Adepo) in the American drama “Watchmen”, Marlo Kelly (Marlo Kelly) who has starred in the thriller “Dare to Challenge Me”, and starred in “The Trial of Seven Gentlemen in Chicago” “Alex Sharp”, Sea Shimooka, who starred in “Trial Expert” and “Arrow”, and Saamer Usmani, who starred in “Prisoner 760”.

The first batch of cast members announced.

The first batch of cast members announced.

It is not difficult to see that many of the first batch of actors announced are young actors with not rich acting experience. As for which characters in the book they corresponded to, it is still difficult to speculate. The trilogy of the novel “Three Body” is composed of “Once Upon a Time on Earth”, “Dark Forest” and “Reaper’s Eternal Life”. Unsurprisingly, Netflix’s series will start from the first film. The story tells the story of Ye Wenjie, a female scientist born in the 1940s, after witnessing her father’s persecution to death and experiencing all kinds of human suffering, she lost all her thoughts; then she became more civilized in interstellar communications. The trisolarans of humans expose the coordinates of the earth, giving them the opportunity to destroy humans and occupy the earth.

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It is reported that the drama version of “Three Body” will be launched in November, and Netflix has not yet announced when it plans to go live.


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