“The director is the best choice”… Coach Ahn Ik-soo, loved by the players

Director Ahn Ik-soo (center), Yang Han-bin (left), and Na Sang-ho at the press conference

[한국프로축구연맹 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Namhae = Yonhap News) Reporter Jang Bo-in = Professional football K League 1 FC Seoul players in the midst of quenching ahead of the 2022 season have become coach Ahn Ik-soo’s ‘baragi’.

FC Seoul’s Yang Han-bin (31) and Na Sang-ho (26) attended the 2022 K-League Training Media Camp press conference held at Namhae Sports Park Hotel in Gyeongnam on the 24th and showed their infinite trust in Ahn.

Ahn Ik-soo, who took over as Seoul’s commander in September last year, is famous for his strict image and intense training.

When Lee Tae-seok was called up to the U-23 national team this month, it is said that Seoul players congratulated him on his escape from Ahn Ik-su.

When asked about the image of coach Ahn from the players, there was no answer, ‘It’s not scary’. He did not deny the harsh training.

However, the players who were digesting the field training seemed satisfied with Ahn’s training and guidance method.

Yang Han-bin speaking at a press conference
Yang Han-bin speaking at a press conference

[한국프로축구연맹 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

Goalkeeper Yang Han-bin, who is famous as a passionate fan of coach Ahn, said, “I lived with the manager at Seongnam FC, and the strict and scary part was great. What I felt when I met him again in Seoul was that the manager studied a lot and became much softer than before. But He is the most passionate person on the training ground.”

He added, “From last year, during training and the season, my trust in the manager has grown very much. I think that the manager’s coming to Seoul is the best choice.”

Furthermore, Yang Han-bin said, “Training is difficult. At first, the players may have said congratulations (to Lee Tae-seok) because they thought it was difficult, but in the process of preparing for the season, not being able to train seems to be a detriment to Lee Tae-seok.” also did

Yang Han-bin is also a fan of director Ahn on social networking services (SNS).

When a post related to Ahn is posted on the Seoul club’s SNS account, it expresses trust with a comment such as ‘Only Iksu’.

Director Ahn, who heard this story, laughed, saying, “If the brothers continue to create positive viruses, become one within this and build trust, our strength will grow. Thank you Yang Han-bin.”

Na Sang-ho at the press conference
Na Sang-ho at the press conference

[한국프로축구연맹 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

Na Sang-ho also said, “Before the coach came, I was terrified to hear that he was training so rigorously and harshly. However, there were a lot of results from that harsh training,” he said.

He said, “The coach is making the body for better performance on the pitch, so if you are dissatisfied or disliked, you are not qualified as a professional.”

Nevertheless, he carefully confided his wish, making everyone laugh by saying, “I want to ask you to take a day off after doing well at the stadium.”

Then coach Ahn replied, “You can tell from the breathing sounds of the players at the training ground about their attitude and responsibility. It made the players smile.

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