The director of Kan Kindergarten explained Military uniforms are joint activities between parents and schools. Lean not forced to buy

Kanchanaburi – Director of Kanchanaburi Kindergarten explained In the case of school uniforms with military uniforms, it is revealed that it is a joint activity between parents and the school according to the activities of the “Kingdom Guard Battalion”, insisting that parents do not have to buy. If you join, you can wear any outfit.

From the case of the page “Doctor Lab Panda” posted a picture of a school that has a dress code for elementary school students. with a large number of sets specified In one week, students have to wear school uniforms, gym uniforms, military uniforms and ASEAN uniforms, with the page “Doctor Lab” worried about whether this will increase the cost for parents too. Shortly after posting, a lot of people commented. But the post did not specify what school it was. and in what province

However, the aforementioned dress in Kanchanaburi province There is one school Kanchanaburi Kindergarten is located on U-Thong Road, Ban Nuea Subdistrict, Ong Mueang, Kanchanaburi Province, so today (May 10) the media has traveled to meet Mr. Narong. Mukda Saeng Director of Kanchanaburi Kindergarten to inquire the facts about the above cases However, when Mr. Narong Mukda Saeng Director of Kanchanaburi Kindergarten The press welcomed them and was ready to explain the matter to the media.

By Mr. Narong Mukdasawang The director of Kanchanaburi Kindergarten explained that the participants revealed information that many people did not know. It was preliminary on May 9th. The school has called a meeting for parents of students in the preschool level. which are Kindergarten 1 age 3 years old, Kindergarten 2 age 4 White and Kindergarten 3 age 5 years old. Meeting to clarify understanding in opening semester 1, academic year B.E. 2022

Later during the night of the same day Have parents to post a message saying “Why does our school have students dressed up too much?” Then the message led to the post posted online. As a result, everyone was interested and there were many comments.

which the school has set for students to wear each day within 1 week, there are 4 sets: 1. Student uniform which to wear to school on Monday and Tuesday. The second set is the physical education uniform. which students wear for Wednesday’s activities. The third set is the problematic uniform that has received a lot of public opinion, which is the “Army Guard” uniform, which is similar to the military uniform and the uniform that The 4 things that must be worn on Fridays are Thai clothes. This Thai cloth dress will have all the flags of countries in the ASEAN region attached.

for activities The “land protection battalion” that wears the clothes in that military uniform. In fact, this activity has been running since 2016 and has continued to do so until now. The total duration is approximately 5-6 academic years. In the past, the parents of the students trusted together to cut the dress to participate in the activities well.

But this year, a parent of a student has posted the above message on Facebook. Then there are those who lead the message to share with each other. For Facebook that has the most comments and shares. Facebook page of “Doctor Lab Panda”, the story went to the central part. As a result, schools, which are involved in teaching and learning management for students, are affected. Therefore, the high command has ordered them to report the facts.

As for the facts in this matter, nothing more. Because the suit was a soldier-like outfit, he said it was too much. But after this problem occurred. We, the team, have a meeting and ask for opinions from the committee of basic education institutions on how we will proceed next. In order to alleviate the burden of parents according to the policy of the Minister of Education including the Secretary-General of the Basic Education Commission as their direct supervisor

The basic education committee commented at the meeting that For this set, will we be able to reduce it to only 3 sets? which personally is willing to follow the policy of the supervisor By reducing it to only 3 sets and certifying that the school does not intend to incur higher costs for parents. But such activities have existed in the past. and has been carried out continuously which in the past Most of the children’s parents saw it as a good thing. Prior to the activity “Land Guard Battalion” where children have to dress like that soldier Satisfaction was asked from parents. And there is also a document asking parents if they are willing to participate in such activities or not.

If the parent does not have a set or do not want to buy a military uniform But if parents are willing to bring their children to participate in activities, they can do so without having to buy a new set. Therefore, the matter of buying a dress, he sees that such parents may be embarrassed. Therefore, the message was posted in this manner.

for activities The purpose of the school is to promote the activity of “patriotism, religion, monarchy”, which is organized within the 9th Infantry Brigade, Surasi camp, which has many learning resources. therefore allowing children to learn directly, such as the training of eating rice to have discipline like a soldier going out to learn about farming, etc.

For the children participating in the activities are fun according to the age of the children. But the said parent posted to Facebook believes that they are not worried about the event. but believes that it is concerned about having to cost more than

Importantly, the school has not called a meeting of parents on this matter. but just talk and only bring information and pictures of school uniforms that must be worn each day to post on the school’s website for parents to know And such activities are activities that do not exist in the curriculum. It is only an activity that the school and parents agree on. by activities that have been organized continuously Approximately 180 kindergarten children attend the school each year.