The Director of Nong Khai Hospital explained the announcement of the dress, I hope the officer is safe, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just neat

The Director of Nong Khai Hospital explained announcements about clothing so that officers and personnel of the hospital are safe when working This can be classified as a public service provider.

from social media case sharing the announcement about a hospital in the North East Personnel uniforms and dress code along with criticism of the bans

on 23 November Chawamai Suebnukan, MD The director of the hospital (Hospital) Nong Khai explained what happened. The hospital actually made such an announcement on 29 September. This matter was emphasized at the meeting of the hospital’s board of directors. The part announced by the hospital’s announcement is to ensure that the hospital’s staff and personnel are safe while working. in order to classify this as a public service provider

“We, as hospital staff and personnel, may need to have neat work uniforms. But not to the extent that it has to be very detailed. Understand that our officers and personnel may have related tasks, such as being on duty recently. which is normal But we also have regulations to follow the guidelines set. I didn’t mean to force anything. Because I know we are tired of working for a while. I want to encourage each other more,” said Dr Chawamai.

Dr Chawamai said that Importantly, the publication has up to 5 pages covering 7 areas that provide medical services. be it a group of administrative missions Or service support groups, doctors, nurses, including ceremonial dresses community nurse practice set nurse assistant uniform patient assistant uniform and uniforms for armed forces personnel, etc. We have regulations that cover all of them.

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The director of Nong Khai Hospital said The announcement also introduces the province’s dress code on how to dress according to different days. which the Nong Khai Provincial government department has set for use as a practice guide are also included in this publication I think it’s a misunderstanding. Because from what I saw on various pages I only took down the first page. Which has many more pages to come. Most importantly, it is not intended to be exactly in line with the regulations. but let’s get it done

“After the announcement was made, the children were asked if it had been decorated in this way. Can you do that? Answers are ready, especially for young people. Doctors are more understanding you have to remember a little time to adapt And he will know that our service is We are service providers We also pay attention to it,” said the director of Nong Khai Hospital.

Chawamai Suebnukarn, MD Director of Nong Khai Hospital

The director of Nong Khai Hospital said that Nong Khai Hospital itself has filled the morale and encouragement of many staff. is it higher personnel compensation Announcements have already been drafted and are waiting for orders to come down. Nong Khai personnel receive additional occupational therapy care. Add compensation And to take care of the working environment to be happy in the workplace. Everyone can come and visit.

“When it comes to work, try to see who works hard and who works lightly. We are going to encourage each other. But perhaps the dress reflects that there is a misunderstanding. Thanks to the media for asking each other. and would like to leave a comment to those who express their opinion that I respect everyone’s opinion And will adapt to the situation,” said the director of Nong Khai Hospital.

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