The Director Who Buys Me Lunch is a good plot. Main character – Mr. Ek is cute.

The Director Who Buys Me Lunch is a good plot. Main character – Mr. Ek is cute. On air on iQIYI (Ai Qi Yi)

iQIYI (Ai Qi Yi) as well as being packed with quality Thai series, Chinese series and anime. We are also full of Korean series ready to serve to all Ai fans, now with a new Y-Korea series that is worth watching for fans. They all said with that same voice “Good plot. The main actors are good, good looking, and very good looking.” That’s the story of The Director Who Buys Me Dinner, the currently popular Y series. Good. M (played by Park Young Woon), a handsome young CEO who died and could be resurrected. He has been wandering in the human world for over 300 years. The answer to this curse is to make his company employee Sol Dong Baek (played by Park Jung Woo) fall in love with Jong. Even if this curse disappears, the young CEO who has been trying to woo him for more than 3 lifetimes, he intends that this life will succeed!

Pa Ai guarantees the fun of this story from the adaptation of the famous web novel “Camelia in the Snow” by Toese author and illustrator Yang Eun Ji, by the talented director Yang Kyeong-Hui. Create the this series to come out as smoothly as possible.

The series Director Who Buys Me Dinner stars two talented young actors, Park Young Woon and Park Jung Woo. But the chemistry of the two partners is very good. While watching, you will only get happiness, satisfaction, and happiness, We like to certify the purity. I am so happy with the pillow.

Let’s come win and encourage the handsome CEO who will be able to solve this curse or not. And when will this young worker open? The Director’s Dinner Who Buys Me is available for streaming on the iQIYI (Ai Qiyi) app and website every Thursday exclusively on iQIYI (Ai Qiyi)

Special privileges for VIP members with sharp full HD images and a Dolby Atmos sound system like watching in a movie theater. Promotion for the first month, pay only 49 baht, you can watch at the same time 2 screens, download to view offline, no interstitial ads on the iQIYI (Ai Qiyi) application and the website only .

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