The Director Wisut answered why Shark Dam defeated Patakphet

Technical Acting President 7 Colors Wisut Yingupaparn confirmed the verdict, Black Shark-Pakphet pair Must comply with 3 Pao and explain the rules The story of knocking down an opponent without giving weapons, not getting points, repeat, not serious, the future will alive or gone!

In the case of news on social media, there has been criticism of the bantamweight boxing championship. from Channel 7’s Boxing Stadium on Sunday, September 18, 2022, between Black Shark Prime Minister Ae Tha Sala with Patakphet VK Khaoyai As a result, the three directors appear to be: Somkid Don’t forget relatives, Kriengsak Thonghong a Ratchakorn Daraphan They all united for Black Shark to win Patakphet unanimously, 49-48, all 3 votes.

But although the referee gave Black Shark to win 3 votes, most boxing fans disagreed because they saw that Black Shark only won in the 4th round, while the first round fell in after many times. Where did the score go as far as the champion was concerned ‘Young man in Hat Yai’ or Somnuk Patburi post on personal facebook Ask if the referee’s vision is not good. Or the viewers of the entire boxing country cannot watch boxing, only 3 referees can watch boxing.’ and confirmed that he would no longer send his boxers to fight in the Channel 7 boxing ring, as SMM Daily Muay Thai already submitted

for such matters SMM Daily Muay Thai contact for an interview with Professor Wisut Yingupak’s assistant As acting chairman of Channel 7’s boxing technique, he just started taking over at the beginning of August. Is there anything you would like to clarify for boxing fans? who Assistant Prof. Wisut has revealed that the judging of this boxing match has passed, as the acting or even the technical chairman has no power to edit the scores of the 3 judges because the judges in their opinion themselves. He asked everyone to just follow the rules. And now I don’t follow the social world much. Only some acquaintances sent it to me to read.

The reporter asked about the scores that came out of their opinion, Prof. Wisut said that he had actually explained to the suspects since the first day. namely a woman who asked for the beginning In Pat Petch, the black shark fell several times, On this matter, he answered that If the victim throws his legs at the opponent to fall without a weapon. Those who fall will get points. But if the side is caught by the leg and pretends to fall down, it doesn’t score. The point is to look at the weapons. I did not see who fell. Because if the kicker is caught by the leg of the opponent is thrown down The person who gave the kick weapon will be the scorer. This is in accordance with the rules. Muay Thai competition

and when SMM Daily Muay Thai he further inquired and Is it enough to reveal the scorecard? Professor Wisut said that if he wanted it to be revealed, he would have to complain to SAT, but regarding the scores of this boxing match as a championship match, there were witnesses: Mr Peerapong Thiradetpong promoter, organizer and Kasem Krookaew Confirm that there is no incorrect score combination or course correction. But in some cases, each person’s score may be different.

Continued to ask if the camp of the young boy in Hat Yai announced that he would not send a boxer to fight the Channel 7 ring because the judges were worried or not? Professor Wisut said that he did not know the details of this matter? but not seriously He came into the office in April. and he was acting technical president for only a few months But he insisted that they abide by the rules and regulations of Thai boxing competitions only. and try to act to be strong and serious which is in the presentation stage through the senior managers of the next stage In terms of being able to become technical chairman or having to go, it is not a problem at all.



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