The disclosure of the wealth of the second high-ranking public official of the Yoon administration… Prime Minister Park Seong-geun, the Chief of Staff won 22.9 billion 1st place

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For the second time since the inauguration of President Yoon Seok-yeol, the registration details of high-ranking public officials have been announced.

In June, the Official Government Ethics Committee at the Ministry of Human Resources and Innovation disclosed the property registration information for 801 people whose status changed, including 26 newly appointed, 43 promoted, and 720 public officials high ranking retired at level 1 or above in June.

The highest-ranking public official who reported the most wealth was Prime Minister Park Seong-geun, who reported 22.33 billion earned, followed by Kim Dong-jo, a speech recording secretary in the Office of the President, with 12.42 billion won.

A total of 16 new people were appointed to the Office of the President, and their average fortune was found to be 3.83 billion won.

Kang In-seon, foreign public relations secretary, reported that a total of 6.81 billion was won, including apartments in Bangbae-dong and Apgujeong-dong, Seoul.

Kim Young-tae, director of public communication, holds 3.29 billion won, and Jang Seong-min, director of policy coordination and planning, has won 3.95 billion.

Financial Supervisory Service Director Lee Bok-hyeon reported that 1.87 billion had been won, including an apartment in Jamwon-dong, Seoul, which he and his wife jointly owned, and Kang Seok-hoon, chairman Korea Development Bank, a total of 2.88 billion won, including 1.8 billion won for an apartment in Seocho-dong and 200 million for domestic stocks.

Among retirees, Seoul City Council member Hwang Gyu-bok had the largest registered assets at 12.93 billion won.

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