The distribution of portions is irregular; Insects in old grain : Nattu Visesham

Mangombe: The quality of ration items leading to distribution in Kuttanad Vyapaka complains that there is no moon. As well as whole grains, packaged whole grains Inefficient in a way that can’t be used up to That’s the appeal. Not only cardholders, even portion retailers now The scene comes at night.

Most of the wheat and wheat products are packaged in goats, and there is a lot of waste. NFSA Go to Takzhi from FCI Godown in Alappuzha Wheat suitable for delivery due to down supply last month The ration traders testify that they are not.

Old and rotten wheat was about to be distributed. In addition to this, the cardholder can buy insect repellent grains, which merchants say they are not ready for.

Because of this, disputes between cardholders and merchants are common Such wheat has not reached distribution and distribution yet. Take back what you brought to the dog shop and put a new one in its place. All the Kerala Retail Retail Retail Association Sthana Vice President Jose Kavanagh.

A packet of Atta worms obtained from a ration shop in Kavalam last month, was of no use due to fleas. How Outdated Products Lead to Provision Cardholders say the reason is Apart from this, the wormwood available to first class The complaint is that the covers are of very poor quality. If you use bitter rice and drain it, it is a wise egg to eat. The presence of insects is not rare in rice.

Rising prices of essential commodities in the public market Consumption in ration shops, the trust of the common people in India People should distribute grains and suitable food items The need for


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