The Division 2 Down, Bravo-09 New Error Code showing Up for Gamers

While Ubisoft did server maintenance for Division 2 yesterday, it appears that Division 2 now has issues – at least PS4. Currently, the Division 2 message is down as “Bravo-09” for people on PS4.

This is the error message that will greet players when they try and log right now on The Division 2:

Unfortunately, Ubisoft did not admit that the Division 2 message was interrupted, and people on the Division's Sub-Network because this Bravo-09 error appeared to be a new error. While it may be said that the services of PlayStation Network cannot be predicted, Section 2 is the only person affected, and I can just declare that other games and PSNs are generally working.

Xbox One and PC users, are you also affected? If so, share your ideas in the comments below. When the servers work again, we will update the job.

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