The doctor cheated on the head nurse… Holding the ashes of the father-in-law at the funeral “the mistress of the helpline” cursing his wife: why not die | International | QUANTITY

The woman reported that the doctor’s husband cheated in marriage, and the mistress was the head nurse of the same department. (Photo / flip from Weibo)

For couples or lovers, loyalty is very important, otherwise it will be difficult to go on for a long time. A woman in Suzhou City, Anhui Province, China A few days ago, she reported on the Internet that her husband, a doctor, cheated during marriage. The target was the head nurse of the same department. Contact Xiaosan with whom columbarium made her extremely upset.

A woman broke the news that her husband was the deputy director of the Nephrology Department of Suzhou City Municipal Hospital in Anhui Province, but he had an affair with the head nurse of the same department. They lived together for more than a year for 2 years. the husband used the credit card overdraft as an excuse to pay less or even no living expenses. 2 children, the children did not go to school for a month, and the property was transferred jointly to the husband and wife. As the husband and wife live in two places, and her husband works in the hospital, she has to look after two children alone, which puts a lot of pressure on her.

Woman accuses husband of continuing to communicate with mistress at funeral. (Photo / flip from Weibo)

The woman accused that she was the only child in the family. On January 3 this year, her elderly father fell at home. Because it was inconvenient to go home, she informed her husband for the first time, but her husband took a long time to show up, causing her father to lie on the floor. After waiting for 5 or 6 hours, after I settled the person, I ran to meet the mistress. What’s even more ridiculous is when my father died later, my husband didn’t care at all, and kept in touch with my mistress, and even called you and me when he was holding the ashes at the funeral.

The woman received a double blow for this, but instead of comforting her, her husband attacked him with vicious words, cursing: “Why don’t you die?” Thinking it was an excuse to gain sympathy, she was so angry that she lashed out. : “Such a head doctor is virtuous. Unworthy, unworthy of the patient’s trust”, “I will reveal your mask in private today to expose your lies”, I hope the relevant departments will investigate strictly and give justice for her and the children.

In this regard, Suzhou Municipal Hospital issued a situation report, pointing out that the doctor’s problems were reflected on the Internet, the hospital attached great importance to it, and quickly set up a special investigation team to start the investigation. At the moment, the work of the party in question has been stopped.

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