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The doctor deciphered the body language, one universe, minutes of an interview with the current node.

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It has become a hot topic that many people still talk about relentlessly for drama. one universe on pointMin Min Daughter, by many netizens that one universe sits and acts inappropriately with a daughter who is growing up. Even in one way, the universe will come out to clarify and delete the problematic clip. But some netizens still feel uneasy. Wat Nakorn Bancha, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police as secretary of the NESDB, said about the current case that Police officers, Royal Thai Police andsocial workerCheck, it’s probably such behavior. will it be a harassment orShowing the love of father and sonbeyond the scope? After this, we will have to wait for interrogation. to be attributed to the evidence that officials have before being sent to the legal process.

The online world has been retweeted from the account. Decode body language by Dr. Mod that said “decode you #One universe when answering the question #Sister Num about the reason why she rubbed her stomach or touched her daughter on the show #stream nodes You will notice the language when you and your wife answer questions. and raise many doubts

1. In the beginning, Khun Nuengchak explained that she complained that she was itchy and asked to scratch. he will stammer His left hand was suddenly raising his left hand (hands blocking), lowering his head and looking sideways (diminised eye contact), and blinking a lot (Increase blinking rate).

2. When explaining why you grabbed it and picked it up, you say ah-ah, like you don’t know what to say. One of you is using hands blocking more than ever by covering your mouth with your hand. It was the most common body language when covering up, making excuses and lying. Inward lip roll was associated with strong negative emotions, such as stress and fear.

3. When Khun Nueng replied that he had gone It’s because the label on the pants made her complain that it was itchy. So he reached out and scratched. Suddenly, the young man raised his hand to cover his mouth. and use a raised chin This is the routine of the young man. It’s the body language that people don’t believe or question when listening. I guess that young man may not believe that Mr. Khun One said at this rhythm.

4. You said that “This is not something that we are used to doing at home. The inward lip roll in body language is an attempt to press or hold a strong negative emotion.

5. At the end, Khun Num says “Mr. Nueng, now on social media…..” You will find one with a deep and tight mouth clenched into an inward lip roll as I explained above. It’s the body language of spelling out negative emotions.

In a nutshell, your body language has many interesting traits. While explaining (excuse) Hello.

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