The doctor raised the case, injecting only 1 “Covid vaccine”, infected with covids, causing severe symptoms, severe pneumonia

“Doctor Manu” a doctor Manoon Leechawengwong or respiratory specialist Facebook Post Wichaiyut Hospital CPD Mor Manoon Leechawengwong Reveal with raising the case people without underlying disease Not in risk group 608, but never admitted “Vaccine for covid” or have inactivated vaccine only 1 needle when addicted to covid despite receiving antiviral drugs nupiravir birth place Full ration, still giving birth severe pneumonia He must be admitted to the intensive care unit

A 53-year-old female patient is in good health. No underlying disease, vaccinated Sino Farm One needle in September 2021 stuck COVID October 16, 2022 Fever 39.2 degrees Celsius, body aches, joint pain, severe cough on October 20 Received Andrographis paniculata for 5 days, he was not getting better, in the hospital since 22 October, 5 days with molnupiravir, but the patient still has high fever, cough all the time, starting to feel tired from October 26th, lung x-ray on October 22nd and October 27th, normal request to transfer to hospital on October 30th, fingertip oxygen level 88%, temperature 40.2 degrees Celsius, lung sounds abnormal in both lungs, lung x-ray on October 30, lungs have white Both sides were drawn (see figure) for LDH, hs-CRP, D-Dimer, high inflammation in all blood. After testing the genetic code for 22 strains, the virus was found COVID SARS-CoV-2 CT RT-PCR value 33.4 No other virus types were found.

diagnosis : pneumonia from Virus covid19 Remdesivir was administered by high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC). and all injectable steroids for 10 days

The patient slowly improved, no fever, cough subsided, no fatigue. Finally, the oxygen was removed. Oxygen levels rise 98%, and lung x-rays improve.

This patient is usually a healthy person. no underlying disease Not in the risk group against which 608 were vaccinated Covid19 with an inactivated vaccine Sino Farm Only 1 needle when infected with the virus COVID species From Micron The new subspecies is unknown. Even if he eats andrographis paniculata Molnupiravir Complete doses, still seriously ill. severe pneumonia Must enter the ICU

unlike most people who get “Vaccine for covid” AstraZeneca Pfizer or Moderna complete dose, and then stimulation needle 1 – 2 doses when infected with the virus COVID Symptoms will be mild, not seriously ill Many Thai people still refuse to be vaccinated even though the vaccine can actually prevent serious illness.

better lungs

Pictured: Facebook CPD Mor Manoon Leechawengwong

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