The doctor revealed that “Nong San San”, a 1-year-old child, fell into a pipe, safe and sound. Parents thank Thai people.

The doctor revealed that “Nong San San”, a 1-year-old child, fell into a pipe, safe and sound. Parents thank the Thai people for helping

A doctor at Phop Phra District Hospital, Tak province reveals that the girl stuck in the artesian well overnight is safe and without any injuries. But we had to wait to see the symptoms for 2 days. As for the parents, the children said they were happy and thanked the Thai people. help their own children Promise to look after your daughter

At 3:00 pm (February 7, 2023), the symptoms of Tasa Moe’s daughter, 1 year 7 months old, or Nong San San Myanmar nationality girl who had an accident falling into an artesian pool in the middle of the cassava plantation Within Rom Klao Charoensuk Village , Village No. 13, Khiri Rat Sub-District, Phop Phra District, Tak Province, and was stuck inside a hole at a depth of 15 meters from the mouth of the hole and it took more than 18 hours for help until he was able to help to bring him to Phop Phra District Hospital Tak Province until it became big news all over the country

Most recently, in the afternoon, Mrs Wanruedee Kijcharoenrungroj President of the Red Cross, Tak Province Together with Mr. Sanya Phetset, Chief Executive of Phop Phra District, Tak Province, and related parties together traveled to Phop Phra District Hospital. to provide necessary items and gave words of encouragement to Mrs. Atay, 20, and Mr. Necho, 26, husband and wife who are Myanmar nationals agricultural workers. The parents of Tasa Moe’s daughter the President of the Red Cross of the Red Cross Tak gave words of encouragement and comfort The family of a victim worker Until husband and wife get a better smile and encouragement

About Dr. Sakbancha Somchaimongkol, director of Phop Phra Hospital, Tak Province, said At this time, the pediatrician at Phop Phra Hospital has examined the body of the girl Tasa Moe or Nong San San. The child was found to be safe with no injuries. According to the body, but the child is in a state of physical exhaustion. In addition, the doctor ordered a temporary abstinence from water and food to prevent choking and had to examine the symptoms for 2 days, and if the child had no complications, it was expected that he would be allowed to return home in two another day.

while Mr Through tears of gratitude, the boy’s father said, He only had one child. The family was very shocked by the incident this time. And I have to thank all the Thai people who came to help their girls. Until he can be safely removed from the dark hole And he promised that from now on he would take care of his daughter and would not bring her daughter back to the scene of the accident anymore.

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