The doctor solves the concerns Why did I have to remove so many teeth? Which group of patients have to do it? Many people draw their mouths – Khaosod

The doctor solves the concerns Why did I have to remove so many teeth? What do groups of patients have to do? to reduce the risk of existing diseases Many of them had to have their mouths removed.

On May 28, 2023, the doctor revealed via Facebook. Cross of Amnuaysil In the case of a patient having 12 teeth extracted in a hospital, divided into 2 separate extractions, after which the patient died, pending the hospital’s investigation and declaration of the facts the social world, criticizing

he asked if it was What is wrong with the patient to have to remove so many teeth at a time, can it be done?
answer You can do it and do it regularly.

Which groups of patients need to rush to extract a large number of teeth?

1.Patients with cancer of the mouth, nasal cavity, throat that require radiation treatment. If the patient is assessed as having poor oral health There is a high risk of problems. causing tooth extraction after exposure to radiation After tooth extraction, there is a risk of developing gangrene. that it will not rot only in the position of the tooth we have removed the tooth only But the decay will spread to a wide area of ​​the entire jaw. In this case we would consider removing the problem tooth. or you may have to remove the entire mouth The tooth extraction must be completed at least two weeks before the day the patient receives radiation. Irradiated patients also have a risk of bone gangrene in the extraction wound.

2.Patients who need oral preparation before having heart surgery such as wearing artificial heart valves, etc. These patients, if they have had heart surgery If a tooth has to be removed later There is a risk of infection at the heart surgery site. where the mortality rate is high Therefore, it is necessary to control the problem teeth. on the day of surgery

3.Patients with oral, face and throat infections caused by multiple teeth Treatment is to remove the causative teeth.

4.Patients who need to be prepared through the mouth to wear dentures and had many teeth to be removed This may not be an urgent matter if the patient can wait. If there are many teeth, it must be removed. Dentures can take years to fit. or if you want to insert teeth quickly, several teeth can be removed at the same time. Another advantage of removing multiple teeth at the same time is that if the gum decoration needs to be completed, it can be done at the same time.

5.Children with decayed teeth all over their mouths needing extraction and the child is not cooperating Or some special children who are unable to extract teeth under local anaesthesia. It is considered to be done under general anesthesia. Will consider full mouth, full mouth retraction, multiple tooth extraction along with other treatments, etc.

In this regard, the dentist will consider, evaluate, prepare, before tooth extraction, during extraction, and the care plan after tooth extraction is appropriate for each individual. Patients who need to remove multiple teeth or the whole mouth at once from young children to the elderly

Pictured is a tooth extraction from a heart surgery appointment patient who has a very short queue. After the assessment, about 20 complete teeth needed to be removed, and the extractions were completed at the same time. safe patient and the wound healed in time for the surgery appointment


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