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The doctor told me the miracle case, covid patients, ICU, white lungs, everyone thought they didn’t survive, but they survived!

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Doctor Mae Sot tells about a miracle white lung covid patients Everyone thinks they can’t survive. But the patient was in good spirits and told her husband, “Go back and wait at home. Soon you will be back.”

(17 Sept. 21) Facebook Nuttagarn Chuenchom of Dr. Beer, a doctor at Mae Sot Hospital, Tak Province Posted on September 14, 2021 revealed a case of a covid patient who came to be treated with lung infection, coma, which doctors and nurses agreed that this case should not survive. But in the end, it survived unbelievably. “The greatest masterpiece in the doctor’s prone gang”

The doctor said, “Four days ago, a nurse came to tell me that a female patient from Myanmar was very tired and was taken to the emergency room. The oxygen at the fingertips was 40-50%, gasping for breath. The doctor on duty in the emergency room ordered a lung X-ray and an ATK test immediately. The result turned out to be positive. and X-rays are very bad. It’s completely white, with no normal black parts at all. Everyone there knows that this kind of lung will not survive. She’s in her early 30s. Where is her home? The person who sent it was not a relative at all. and she doesn’t have a phone A nurse at a screening point followed by an M-fund NGO staffer came for help. Please go get the sick husband. In a Myanmar community not far from the hospital

By then it was almost 10 p.m., and it was getting dark. The stretcher center was already dressed in PPE to push the patient to the covid hospital. The nurse begged the stretcher center to wait a little longer. His brother waited in spite of the heat. The M-fund officer had been gone for so long that two hours came back with the patient’s child and husband. They were shocked to see how many patients there were. Everyone helped to dress the PPE they thought was appropriate to prevent the father and son from spreading the infection. We give them no more than 10 minutes to talk to each other. In their hearts, everyone thought that this would be the last goodbye. But the patient told her husband to go back and wait for her at home, so she could go back soon. The nurse said that that day many of the staff were crying. Pity the patient very much.

The patient arrives at the ward. I was in a bad mood, gasping for air, our ICU room was creaking. Therefore, the patient used High flow Oxygen 100%, got all the medicine and got into Dr. Beer’s prone gang. The doctor took pity on the patient who was suffering from exhaustion and gave him morphine to relieve it. She was very patient. The first day she was shaking all over. Grabbing the edge of the bed, tensing all over, asking, not answering. The next day, she became more calm. breathing much better no spasticity The next day, she began to speak. eat when the staff enter

And today she got up to eat by herself, my God!!!! The patient’s condition improved It’s better to look at X-ray films. Tears of joy She is the greatest masterpiece in the Doctor’s prone gang. Upside down, overturn.. any patient who doesn’t turn upside down The doctor doesn’t love you. (Covid patients who sleep on their stomach will have better blood oxygen levels.) The doctor allowed me to sleep on my back only when eating and when I was tired. Most of the patients were fussy. But the doctor told me to be patient, the doctor said If she sleeps on her stomach She will be able to see the child again. I think besides the prone and the many pills that gave her The last hug of the child and husband that day was The best strength she holds. She must survive. She thinks our Mae Sot Homage is charming here.

Maybe the operators are not sweet, not because we work against time. Working under both acute and cumulative stress, working non-stop, not really resting. But what Dr Beer has always felt is that we are good people, have morals, are generous to our fellow human beings, regardless of race. How difficult is it? Please keep all this goodness. There are many events that have passed. Whenever I think of it, I smile every time.

It’s pure happiness. Come get excited with her. Encourage her to go home.”


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