The doctor’s husband ♥ Seo Hyun-jin where is the apartment? 37 years old, 3 billion

Photo = tvN’Quick Clean Up’ broadcast capture

From the apartment of Seo Hyun-jin, a broadcaster who used to be an announcer, to a love story with her husband.

Seo Hyun-jin appeared as a client in the recently broadcast tvN’Quick Clean Up’.

Seo Hyun-jin unveiled a 37-year-old apartment living with her husband, Song Jae-jin, and her 13-month-old son. This apartment, completed in 1984, had a radiator and ‘4 lights’, which was difficult to use, making it feel the old age. Accordingly,’Quick Organize’ reborn neatly enough to remind the hotel of the old Seo Hyun-jin apartment, such as moving cabinets and efficient space arrangement. The kitchen cooking flow was also efficiently maintained.

On the broadcast that day, Seo Hyun-jin also confessed that she left her various careers such as Miss Korea and an announcer behind, and that her self-esteem fell due to a career break. Accordingly, in order to find Seo Hyun-jin’s emotional relaxation, he also decorated a room for Seo Hyun-jin.

During the cleanup, old items and love letters of Seo Hyun-jin and Song Jae-jin were also released. Seo Hyun-jin’s Miss Korea belt, MBC employee ID, and Song Jae-jin’s instructor card made me recall memories. In the letter Song Jae-jin sent to Seo Hyun-jin in the past, it was written,’I love you 17 times more, but I will love you 170 times and 1700 times in the future.’

It is known that the apartment Seo Hyun-jin is living in is located in Daechi-dong, Seoul. The market price is based on 40 pyeong, with a minimum trading price of 3 billion won and a jeonse of 1.3 billion won. Seo Hyun-jin was married in 2017, and Seo Hyun-jin’s husband, Song Jae-jin, is 5 years old and is a specialist in otolaryngology at a university hospital. Seo Hyun-jin and Song Jae-jin have one son under their parents.

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