The domestic action-adventure game “Taipei Air Raid” will be opened for the first time at the Steam New Product Festival from today-Bahamut

Taiwan’s board game development team, the first adaptation of the game “Taipei Air Raid”, will be available for a limited time at the Steam New Product Festival from today (14).

The official pointed out that “Taipei Air Raid” is an action-adventure game with a 2.5D perspective. It describes Lin Qingzi, a student who lost his memory in the Japanese-occupied Taipei City, which was air raided by the U.S. military at the end of World War II. The story of Xiao Hei, a Taiwanese dog who lives in the city. In the process of searching for memory, Qingzi encounters various unexpected dangers and threats. While avoiding the bombing and trying to survive, it also faces the struggles of human nature, and finally will face the consequences of these choices.

According to the R&D team, in addition to the 30-minute game DEMO, the new product festival team also simultaneously launched Chinese, English and Japanese versions, and invited a number of live broadcasters around the world to cooperate in promotion. They hope to collect more player feedback to optimize the game experience through public trial play, and look forward to such a unique perspective narrative, combined with a game medium that is more immersive than board games, to arouse the resonance of players from all over the world. While retrieving history, we also know more about the trajectory of our own culture.

The R&D team said that Taiwan’s original board game IP “Taipei Air Raid” has recently achieved 1,500 sponsorships and nearly 3 million in fundraising for its adaptation of the video game version. It has also successively released various cross-border cooperation news, such as cooperation with cutting-edge publishing houses, inviting collections Six well-known Taiwanese writers jointly launched the novel “Taipei Air Raid”, and invited heavyweight musicians such as “Back to School” soundtrack Zhang Weifan, singer Zheng Yinong to compose the soundtrack and theme song, and the main body of the game has joined forces to participate in “Final Fantasy XV” jointly developed by Fangtu Studio.

This trial is expected to be open to players to experience from June 14th to June 21st in conjunction with the Steam New Product Festival.

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