The donation parade does not stop helping. Mother and child feed the rice, smile. The total has surpassed 6.5 million.

The donation parade does not stop helping. Mother and child feed the rice, smile. The total surpassed 6.5 million. Staff organized a team to help manage the donation. Please ask grandma-son not to buy alcohol.

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In the event that there are people sharing pictures and clips, two grandparents are sitting on the floor feeding each other while waiting to register for the “We Won” project at a bank in Kamphaeng Phet Province. Creating both impression and pity on the viewer When inquiring with the bank staff and the poster, they received information that They both arrived at the bank at 3am, with a security guard and villagers asking why they came from late at night. Received an answer that he was afraid to catch the queue card in time, both of them drove a three-wheeled motorcycle to wait and sat in the tent that the municipality had set up service in front of the bank

For the latest progress on Feb. 18, Mr.Ssooh Phuttang, Klong Khlung District Sheriff, Mrs. Sunanta Suksasunee, Prime Minister Wang Sai Subdistrict With the village headman And the district patrol officer Bring a certain amount of aid From the Red Cross King, Khlong Khlung District, to give to Nang Noi Iam Sa-at, 81 years old and Mr. Jamnian Iam Sa-at, 62 years old, son

The reporter found that Two mothers and children live in a one-story house on an area of ​​1 rai 2 ngan. The back is made as a cassava plantation. By living only 2 people, this morning another daughter came from another province to come home named Mrs. Lek Boontad, 60 years old.

After completing his family visit, Khlong Khlung Sheriff said After two mothers and children go to the news and publish the bank account number of BAAC. Pang Silathong Branch Account number 020188957193 Name: Jamnian Iamsaad It appears that on this morning, the donation amounted to the account of 5.1 million baht and the amount of donations continued to increase. The administration then consulted with Nang Noi family. By agreeing to have the district supervise the account and Monday will go to adjust the book again.

But asked to withdraw before 20,000 baht to take Mr. Jamnian to see a doctor to treat back pain after walking hunchback Then will give the district President of the SAO and the village headman Jointly manage the initial funds in the account Which is used in daily life And used for the construction of additional homes to facilitate The last part will be managed to collect the money. For the stability in the future

Mr Jamnian revealed that overnight, he had millions of baht into his account, making him very happy by using the money to dig a fish pond and farm it with land in the back of the house. Ready to announce after this will stop drinking Both myself and my mother too

While Mrs. Lek Give thanks to the kind people who poured out help to the family. Which the atmosphere today is with warmth Administrative staff Officials from the local government organization and the police took care of

The reporter reported that From the check in the evening note that Donations transferred to help surpassed 6.5 million baht.


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