The drama ‘Pita-Kao Kfar’ comes, the judgment of the Constitutional Court. Once again it made the Thai people feel hopeless.

September 30, 2022 – Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat Leader of a progressive party Publish a statement on behalf of the Progressive Party to the judgment of the Constitutional Court in the case of the 8 years of the Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha is the verdict of the Constitutional Court today Once again it made the Thai people feel hopeless.

It is not despair just because people like General Prayut the head of the coup is still able to hold the position of Prime Minister Despite the lack of political legitimacy and the ability to manage the country in the midst of a raging crisis, it is hopeless because a ruling today reinforces people’s doubts. that the judicial institution of the country should be responsible for checking and controlling the constitution Instead, they defend the succession of the junta coup. rather than protecting the principles and intentions of the Constitution?

Even the ruling of the Constitutional Court today is contrary to the ruling which is based on the common sense of the people But the undeniable fact is that Gen. Prayut has been prime minister. The lack of democratic legitimacy for more than 8 years, through a coup and writing a constitution to inherit power.

As long as Thai society is still under the current constitution various political organizations It will still be used as a tool of a political system where supreme power does not really belong to the people. The only way to return the country to the people is to repeal the 2017 Constitution to allow the people to create a completely new constitution.

Even the new election will be an opportunity for people to judge. General Prayut with their own hands But as long as the 2017 Constitution is not dismantled. Thailand will not escape the maelstrom of the coup regime.

Therefore, the Progressive Party would like to invite the brothers and sisters of the people again. Let’s get together and sign for a referendum on the preparation of the new constitution on the same day as election day. Make Election Day not only an opportunity to change the Prime Minister or change the government. But it is an opportunity to change the structure and rules of the country. Let the supreme power belong to the people.

We know that 8 years under the Prayut regime caused pain to the indigenous and undermined people’s confidence that a transition to a progressive democratic society is still possible. But the party is going far, let’s take a stand and demand. that the change has already taken place inside and outside the House of Representatives It may not be enough to immediately remove the system of injustice that has ravaged the country, but if we, the people, do not despair and continues to make more and more change Thailand with the future it will stay ahead The future of an economy that grows for everyone The future of an equal society The future of full democracy where no one is above the heads of the people.

If today’s events make people’s brothers and sisters sad and disappointed Please, turn that frustration into strength. To be used to write a new future together, one voice for everyone to express. One vote for everyone at the polling place. and one name for everyone in favor of creating a new constitution is one of the powers of change for a progressive Thailand

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