The drama that KBS decided and made after 5 years, is now receiving a lot of attention.

The response to the KBS drama that comes back after 5 years is hot.

The second teaser video for the KBS drama ‘Taejong Lee Bang-won’ was released on the 29th. The released video shows the fierce process of establishing a new country, Joseon.

Below is KBS1 ‘Taejong Lee Bang-won’

The sophisticated and splendid visual beauty of ‘Taejong Lee Bang-won’, the magnificent and thrilling battle scenes, and the overwhelming scale were fully revealed in the video.

The appearance of Joo Sang-wook (Lee Bang-won) riding a horse along the road and “Somehow this fight seems to have no end. I don’t think it will end before one of them dies.”

The video received an explosive response from various social media and online communities. Netizens left comments such as “The directing is great”, “I want to see it”, “It’s an authentic historical drama”, and “I’m so excited”. (comment)

Below YouTube, KBS Korean Broadcasting

Below KBS2
Below is KBS2’s ‘Taejong Lee Bang-won’

‘Taejong Lee Bang-won’ is a drama that sheds new light on the figure of Lee Bang-won, the leader who took the lead in the founding of Joseon more than anyone in the era of Yeomal Seoncho (麗末鮮初), when the old order of Goryeo was destroyed and a new order of Joseon was created.

The first broadcast will be on the 11th of next month at 9:40 pm.



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