The draw for the World Badminton Tournament is out!If Wu Jialang advances to the top 8 or wins Ansailong’s “Deng Xiepei” top 16 is expected to shame

[Sports Road News]The 2021 Badminton Finale-World Badminton Championships will be held from December 12 to 19 in Huelva, Spain. The draw will be conducted today. Two Hong Kong men’s singles players, Wu Jia Lang and Lee Cheuk Yew played separately in the first lap against Indian and American opponents. They have the chance to beat Danish “two heroes” Ansailong and Antonchen in the top 8 and top 16, respectively. Mixed doubles “golden combination” Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue went straight to the top 32. Or on the 3rd lap against Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra Boje of Denmark.

In the World Championships, only men’s singles started from the top 64, and the remaining women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles, as long as they get the top 16 seeds, can be exempted from the first lap of the tournament and go straight to the top 32. The Hong Kong team sent 12 players (5 males and 7 females) to play this year, including 2 men’s singles (Ng Ka Long, Lee Cheuk Yew), 2 women’s singles (Zhang Yanyi, Ye Siyan), and 1 pair of men’s doubles (Zhang Dezheng/Yang Mingnuo) ), 2 pairs of women’s doubles (Wu Yongrong/Yang Yating, Wu Zhirou/Yuan Qianying) and 3 pairs of mixed doubles (Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue, Zhang Dezheng/Wu Yongrong, Yang Mingnuo/Wu Zhirou).


Wu Jialang (Photo: Tilu Database)

Li Zhuoyao (Photo: Tilu Database)

Li Zhuoyao (Photo: Tilu Database)

Ng Ka Lang and Lee Cheuk Yew were listed as the men’s singles 8th and 13th seeds respectively, and they were also included in the off-line division. World No. 9 Ng Ka-lang faced Indian player Prannoy Kumar in the first lap, if he could win 3 games in a row. Entering the top 8 has a good chance to meet the East Olympics gold medalist and Danish star Viktor Axelsen, who has just returned to the throne of the world’s “One Brother”. In the top 32, if you pass another level, you will have to beat another Danish player Anders Antonsen in the top 16.

The women’s singles Zhang Yanyi and “Black Girl” Ye Heyan will start from the top 64 in the first lap. The former will fight China Zhang Yiman, and if he breaks through the barrier, he will shake the former world champion Japanese star Okuhara Hope. The long-awaited “Black Girl” will make his first match against Estonia. Player Kristin Kuuba will face Thailand’s “first sister” Ratchanok Intanon (Ratchanok Intanon) if he reaches the top 32.

Ye Siyan (Picture; Tilu Database)

Ye Siyan (Picture; Tilu Database)

Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue, the world’s No. 7 chief mixed doubles team, entered as the No. 5 seed, and went straight to the top 32 in the first lap, facing the Irish or Indian combination, and the top 16 or against the Danish Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra Boje, “Deng Xie match.” Earlier in the French Open in the top 4 to claim to the opponent, this time is expected to usher in a battle of revenge. Hong Kong will be like a top 8 and will match Mark Lamsfuss/Isabel Lohau from Germany or Praveen Jordan/Melati Daeva Oktaviant from Indonesia.

As for Zhang Dezheng and Wu Yongrong in the mixed doubles first lap, he was pleased to meet the Spanish group Alberto Zapico/Lorena Usle, and the promotion to the second lap will meet the top seed China Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong. Zhang Dezheng and Yang Mingnuo’s men’s doubles team competed with China’s Huang Kaixiang/Liu Cheng for the top 32 seats.

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