The DRC is negotiating with “Supattanapong” Cheunmuen, taking advantage of 3 ways to reduce energy costs.

The private sector is discussing “Supattanapong” together in solving the problem of high electricity bills, taking advantage of 3 ways to reduce energy costs. Ready to set up a power filter see power issues

Mr. Sanan Angubolkul, Chairman of the Board of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Thai Board of Trade as a facultyMembers of a joint committee of 3 private sector organizations (KorKor.) he revealed that he had brought representatives from the private sector discussed outside the round with Mr Supattanapong Punmeechaow, Deputy Prime MinisterRi and the Minister of Energy to find a solutionincrease electricity billwhich affects private sector energy costs On 29 December 2022, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) explained its decision. The Ministry of Energy asked PTT and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to review natural gas price assumptions. exchange rate diesel price and outstanding debt EGAT to mitigate the impact on other groups of non-residential power users, resulting in the increase of the Ft from the original 190.44 baht per unit to only 154.92 baht per unit, which sector business sector industrial You will have to pay electricity bills at a rate of 5.33 baht per unit in the billing period of January-April 2023.

From Mr Supattanapong to explain the current energy situation and legal restrictions in order to relieve the burden of joint operators’ costs in the short term. this meeting Three preliminary conclusions were reached by the private sector:

1. Asking the Thai Bankers’ Association to consider extending the period to return the principal. For customers who are private electricity producers, extend another year and charge a cheap interest rate. to request a reduction in AP (Availability Payment) or temporary availability payment from private power plants during the high energy crisis

2. Ask for cooperation with entrepreneurs who use fuel from 100% natural gas. (There are more than 1 thousand) to reduce consumption to 80% by increasing the proportion of diesel fuel consumption by 20%, which is currently cheaper. or use other suitable alternative energy Allow more natural gas from Thailand gradually into the system in mid-2023 according to the government’s forecast that there will be more projections in school. This will reduce the calculation rate of Ft in the next cycle. But when adjusting fuel consumption, some operators may have a cost to install the system. which will be collected and discussed with the government to compensate for such effects with entrepreneurs who continue to cooperate, which are currently accepted by many private sectors such as SCG and etc.

3. Appointment of a joint government-private committee on energy (Ministry of Energy) to discuss Solving problems and creating an understanding of energy that affects all sectors in the future. public and private can find a suitable solution together

Mr. Onion He said if the public and private sectors cooperate in such suggestions results in a faster Ft calculation in the new cycle whichThese 3 recommendations are in accordance with the guidelines the committee recommended to the governmentgo faster It is believed to be a common solution to the problem of high electricity bills. in short, faster In the long term, the private sector is ready to adapt to use alternative energy appropriately. In part, this is to increase competitiveness and attract foreign investment. Although Thailand’s current electricity cost is higher than Vietnam and Indonesia, other countries use more coal than Thailand. In addition, the household sector needs to be aware. Adjust electricity usage appropriately too. Which will be discussed in the Energy Department in order to create measures and foster awareness of saving energy in the next step

“Thank you to the Prime Minister. who listens to the voices of the business sector who are affected by this increase in electricity bills by helping to reduce the Ft value from higher previously adjusted Although the price was not fixed according to the sector proposal private. Entrepreneurs must adapt and may have to raise the prices of goods and services to reflect some of the actual costs without unduly affecting consumers. The private sector in all areas of business is committed to finding ways that benefit all sectors in monitoring energy prices and the prices of goods and services in the short and long term. to build competitiveness Ready to support domestic purchasing power to be able to drive the economy further,” said Mr Sanan.


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