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The E3 Game Show (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is the largest video game show in the world. It is an annual event in the video game industry. Affected by the epidemic, the E3 Game Show has not held a physical exhibition since 2020. Now, as the epidemic situation stabilizes, E3 in 2023 The game exhibition is also determined to return in June, but foreign media “IGN“Recently, the news broke that the three giants of console game companies, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, will not be participating in the exhibition.

The organizer Entertainment Software Association (ESA) previously announced that the E3 Game Show 2023 will be held from June 13th to 16th at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the United States. The physical exhibition will be held once, so players from all over the world looking forward to it.

According to sources who disclosed to the foreign media “IGN”, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo may not participate in the E3 game show. Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox business, revealed in an interview last week, It is scheduled to hold its own exhibition in Los Angeles during the E3 game show schedule, and Sony has not participated in the exhibition since 2019. This was the first time in Sony’s history that it did not participate in the E3 game show, which was a shock to the industry. No desire to return.

The E3 game show is an annual event in the video game industry.  (Photo / flip from E3 Expo FB)

As for Nintendo, which has set up a booth at the E3 game show in recent years, and will hold a “Nintendo Direct” live broadcast conference for publicity, this year it is not uncharacteristic that it does not participate in the exhibition; it is not clear whether Sony and Nintendo will be at the E3 game show Hold your own online exhibitions on time.

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