The earliest sunrise in the year of the guinea pig, this time is Ganjeolgot Mantle in Ulsan.

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It is not long before the first year of the year of the cat rises.

Let’s go together to Ganjeolgot Cape in Ulsan, where the sun rises first on the Korean Peninsula.

Reporter Jeong In-gon, how is the atmosphere on set?

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Yes, I am now in Ganjeolgot in Ulsan.

On the first day of the new year, Ganjeolgot Cape, where the first sun will rise, shows clear and pleasant weather.

The time the sun rises in Ganjeolgot today is 7:31 in the morning.

There is now about 30 minutes left before the first sunrise of the new year.

Ganjeolgot Park also gets brighter around here.

As the sunrise event resumes three years after the spread of COVID-19, it is packed with people from all over the country.

Even in the relatively cold weather of 1 degree, every person waits for the first sunrise of the new year, sitting in a place with a good view of the rising sun.

Due to the crowds of people who visited Ganjeolgot from dawn, there were no empty seats in the places where the sun was visible, and tourists waited for the first sunrise of the year while taking pictures with the rabbit sculptures that were installed in the park.

A total of 130,000 sunrise guests are estimated to have visited Ganjeolgot today, and local governments and the police have sent around 1,500 control personnel to the site to prevent overcrowding and Corona 19 infection.

The Sunrise event is also broadcast online and on television for citizens who cannot attend in person.

Last year was difficult for many people, but I sincerely wish everyone a happy new year in 2023.

This is MBC News Jeong In-gon from Ganjeolgot, Ulsan.

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