“The Economist”: Taiwan is the most dangerous place on earth. The status quo of the Taiwan Strait is collapsing | Blog Post

The “Taiwan Conflict” is not only a dispute between the mainland and Taiwan, but also an important battlefield for the United States and China. The United States has spurred Taiwan against mainland China and has continuously increased official contacts with Taiwan to play the Taiwan card. The crisis in the Taiwan Strait is escalating.

The British magazine “The Economist” published an article on the 29th, mentioning that Taiwan is the most dangerous place on earth. If war occurs on this island, it will be a disaster. The United States and China must redouble their efforts to avoid this situation.

“The Economist” reports on the crisis in the Taiwan Strait.

The report alleged that Taiwan is an island with about 24 million people, 130 kilometers (81 miles) from the coast of China. The Beijing government has always declared that there is only one China and that the Taiwan government is a rebellious government. Although the United States agrees with the one China statement, it has long been Efforts to maintain the existence of two Chinas, now this weird status quo is disintegrating.

The People's Liberation Army Type 075 amphibious assault ship is a weapon to land on Taiwan.

The People’s Liberation Army Type 075 amphibious assault ship is a weapon to land on Taiwan.

“The Economist” obscured the initiative of the United States to use Taiwan to attack the mainland. It pointed out that the US government has become worried in recent years that it may no longer be able to prevent China from attacking Taiwan. The commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command Davidson also told Congress in March this year that China is the most Taiwan will be attacked in 2027. This war will be a disaster. It will not only increase the risk of a conflict between the two nuclear powers, but also affect the world’s very important chip manufacturer TSMC. Once production is stopped, it may lead to global electronics. The development of the industry has stagnated.

“The Economist” refers to Taiwan as a key stage of competition between China and the United States. Once China encounters difficulties for any reason, it will be a test of US military strength, diplomacy and political determination. If the United States fails, China will instantly become the dominant country in Asia’s surrounding countries. At that time, many countries (even American allies) may re-examine whether the United States can rely on it, and Pax Americana will collapse.

Although “The Economist” described the Taiwan Strait issue as an escalation of China’s military force and completely ignored Taiwan’s Taiwan independence route and the United States’ conscious use of Taiwan to play cards, the “Economist” did point out the problem.

If the Taiwan Strait crisis continues to worsen, China will finally have no choice but to rule Taiwan by force. The way to cool down the Taiwan Strait crisis is also very simple. As long as the United States returns to the basic policy of establishing diplomatic relations between China and the United States, handles Taiwan coldly, does not continuously strengthen official contacts with Taiwan, and does not substantially increase arms sales to Taiwan, the conflict in the Taiwan Strait will naturally cool down.



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