The EEC extended the zero duty on the import of containers to the EAEU until the end of the year | EAEU Duties | AFN | Belarusian news | Republic of Belarus

The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) has extended the period of zero import customs duty for certain types of containers until December 31, 2023 inclusive.

“The zeroing of the duty was intended to prevent the reduction of the EAEU container fleet after the withdrawal of some Western logistics companies. The extension of the customs tariff regulation measure will ensure timely deliveries of goods, as well as loading the ports of the Far East,” Andrey Slepnev, Minister for Trade of the EEC, commented on the commission’s decision.

He noted that the containers currently produced on the territory of the EAEU are bought out by the businesses of the member countries of the union in full, but the existing needs are not fully met.

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