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The topic of this week’s first issue Policy it refers to the formation of the federal government, and the problems and possible solutions in that process. They were guests in the show Jasmina Biščević-Tokić (SDA), Mirsad Camdzic (Our party) i Admir Cavalic (Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Is the SDA still of the opinion that there is no new federal government without this party?

“Of course. Our foundations rest on the Constitution and the provisions in the Constitution are precisely defined who can essentially form the government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not only without the SDA, but also without our coalition partners, in this case the DF, there can be no other participant in the FBiH Government “- said Biščević-Tokić.

The position that there is no new federal government without SDA and DF, considering that Osmorka clearly states that it has a parliamentary majority in the Federation, Biščević-Tokić defends it like this: “That’s right, but it’s not in the House of Peoples. In principle, whoever has the majority in the House of Peoples should also form the backbone of the Government of the Federation. That’s what the Constitution says. I am not even sure if the Eight has a majority and if it is still the Eight“.

Considering the complexity of the process itself, how far or close are we to the Federation getting a new executive powert, Čamdžić stated:

“I think we are very close to establishing an executive power in the Federation. A few moments ago, there were agreements of the Eight and, indeed, except for the turbulence that was present in the public, it seems stable. In the well-known European, political and civilizational practice, it is known that the one who collects signatures in the House of Representatives should receive support from the leadership of the Federation for the formation of the government. Today, in our party, we signed our support, that is, that we agree that Nermin Nikšić should be the mandate of the federal government. I think we are the first party to do that and we have no problem with it. The one who does not have a parliamentary majority in the House of Representatives will not even form a government“.

The Biščević-Tokić narrative that only the SDA can be in the government is considered unclear – “I believe that very soon there will be signatures for Mr. Nikšić and that he will be the mandate holder and that then the formation of the government will begin. We should not be entering March without the federal government“.

Čavalić believes that the Federation is close to establishing the executive power.

“The dominant majority at the moment, together with HDZ and partners, and I think there is a simple majority in the House of Representatives, but also in the House of Peoples and, in fact, the SDA has a majority in the Bosniak club when it comes to the House of Peoples, and that should be respected. However, I think that the majority in the House of People is currently held by the Eight, HDZ and partners“.

Cavalic emphasizes the likelihood of a session on Friday or at the latest on Monday when the leadership will be elected – “I don’t expect any blockages. The only question is how to solve the enigma, a kind of crisis of power that exists. It would be good to do it without the International Community“, he emphasized that this is the position of the Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is, the desire to show internal agreement and give the appearance of democracy.

Čamdžić believes that SDA will not support Nikšić for federal prime minister if they are not in that government:

“Management and names will come to us, among which will be Mr. Refik Lendo from SDA. The parliamentary majority in the House of Representatives has the possibility to reject it, and then what happens? We are entering a vicious circle. I think the parliamentary majority will accept it. Then, if this narrative is true, then the SDA should bring Mr. Lenda 51, 52, 53 or more signatures and then that story is legitimate“.

If the House of Representatives confirms the new leadership, including Mr. Lenda, is that the way to the election of a new federal government?Čavalić explains it:

“Don’t create blockades and crises! The SDA has a legitimate representative in the Bosniak club, which is understandable and clear and in accordance with current laws. I believe it will be confirmed, but I cannot guarantee it. If that happens, we have already taken an important step towards the election of the government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then the ball is passed to the leadership; to make a consensus decision to accept the position of the parliamentary majority, the majority in the House of Peoples. I expect that it will be some 54 to 56 signatures, which is a relatively stable majority”.

Biščević-Tokić said that as a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, she is sad that the International Community makes a final judgment for the FBiH Government. – “As far as I could see based on Nermin Nikšić’s statements when he said we will sign those signatures, and then we will take them to the International Community… In principle, elections are the democratic right of every citizen of BiH and that is the only fact.“.

For Lenda, he says that he will certainly not act in violation of the Constitution, and at the same time he means the following:

“This means that they will defend the club of the Bosniac people. He will neither go to block something, nor, as the media has already formulated, that we will block something and make some coups. We are too serious a party to do such things, but we will protect the interests of Bosniaks very much”.

Watch the entire conversation on the TVSA YouTube channel

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