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The elderly care industry ushered in the strongest trend. Listed companies have been deeply deployed

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The elderly care industry ushered in the strongest outlet!

On the evening of the 24th, the “Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Strengthening the Work on Aging in the New Era” was officially released. It clearly pointed out that to further standardize the development of institutional pensions, all localities should develop institutional pensions through direct construction, commissioned operations, purchase of services, and encouragement of social investment.

This is another important policy document involving the elderly care industry after the “Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Elderly Care Services” issued by the General Office of the State Council at the end of 2020. The reporter found out that there are currently many listed companies in A-shares that have deployed retirement institutions including nursing homes and apartments for the elderly.

  Hengfeng Information

  Elderly care services serve nearly 900,000 person-times annually

  Hengfeng InformationA few days ago, the interactive platform stated that as of September 30, 2021, the company operates 25 community home care service centers and 66 community home care service stations, serving nearly 50,000 people and serving nearly 900,000 person-times annually. The radiation range reaches five cities and ten counties in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces.

Fujian Weishang Life Service Co., Ltd., the company’s holding subsidiary, has two main businesses including “serving for the old” and “serving for the old technology”. The old service sector provides community home-based care and institutional care services for the elderly. Independent research and development of information technology products such as smart elderly care information management system, home elderly care service platform, and home safety care system for the old technology sector. Fujian Weishang Life Service Co., Ltd. is one of the leading community home care companies supported by the Civil Affairs Department of Fujian Province.

  Yihua Health

  Owns nearly 2,000 high-end retirement apartments

  Yihua HealthThe 2020 annual report shows that the company relies on its wholly-owned subsidiary, Qinheyuan, to carry out retirement community investment and operation business. It is mainly engaged in the investment and operation of membership-based retirement communities and the provision of retirement services to residents. Currently, it operates multiple retirement communities, covering cities. Including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Qingdao, Sanya and other places. There are nearly 2,000 mid-to-high-end retirement apartments.

According to disclosure,Yihua HealthThe income of the pension sector in 2019 and 2020 will be 218 million yuan and 76.813 million yuan respectively.

  Entrepreneurship Huikang

  Won the fourth batch of smart health and elderly care demonstration enterprises in 2020

Entrepreneur Wellcome’s 2020 annual report shows that in 2021, the company will formally establish an elderly care product department, using the Internet, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technological means, with the help of various intelligent data collection equipment and control terminals, combining different A new type of old-age care model, a new intelligent old-age care information platform covering the whole cycle and scenes of old-age care services, and a new type of service form that can promote the effective integration of physical space and information space related to old-age care services, and intelligently respond to old-age service activities.

In addition, the company won the “Fourth Batch of Smart Health and Elder Care Demonstration Enterprises in 2020” in 2020, and the “Internet Health Consulting Service” created by the company was shortlisted for the “Smart Health and Elder Care” jointly selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the National Health Commission. Product and service promotion catalog (2020 edition)”.

  Joyful and healthy

  Two elderly care institutions have put more than 1,000 beds in operation

In October of this year,Joyful and healthyJinhai Yuexin Nursing Home in Fengxian District, Shanghai officially opened under its trusteeship. The elderly care institution plans to have 310 beds, built-in medical institutions, 24-hour doctors in the hospital, and plans to be included in Shanghai Medical Insurance designated medical institutions. It is also disclosed that the company’s Sihong Anyi Nursing Home has been in trial operation at the end of 2020, with a total of 1,000 beds, including generalized pension, dementia and disability care, vitality mid-to-high-end pension, and residential pension. The 220-bed generalized pension system has been opened. Pension.

Currently,Joyful and healthyThe group builds and plans three “medium-to-high-end elderly care” product brands: “Yuexin Anyi” focuses on professional care for the elderly with dementia and disabled; “Yeshin Manhuo Xincheng” focuses on the active elderly Life services; “Yuexin Nursing Training Center” focuses on nursing training services.

  Jinling Pharmaceutical

  Jointly build a smart elderly care project with the government of Hefei Shushan District

Nov. 11,Jinling PharmaceuticalDisclosure that it intends to sign the “Hefei Jinling Tianyi Smart Pension Project Investment Promotion Agreement” with the People’s Government of Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Provinceannouncement, The total investment of the project is about 700 million yuan.

According to the announcement, the listed company plans to build a modern medical and nursing complex, an intelligent high-end elderly care center that integrates vitality elderly care, intermediary care, medical rehabilitation, commercial and entertainment facilities, and elderly products, with no less than 200 beds. Zhang’s medical care center and life care center with more than 400 suites.

  Dima shares

  Operating more than 2,000 beds, covering more than 50,000 people

  Dima sharesThe 2020 annual report shows that “Changqingshe”, its health care industry brand, focuses on key areas such as Sichuan and Chongqing, Beijing, and Huanhu, and deploys mid-to-high-end institutional pension and community home-based pension projects. During the reporting period, it has successfully built Chengdu Evergreen Club Xinhong Leyang Community, Chengdu Evergreen Club Academy Medical Care Center, Dima Evergreen Club·Kaier Cixi Senior Apartment and other projects, with more than 1,400 beds.

At the unveiling ceremony of the “Dima Evergreen Club Xinhong Leyang Community” on May 26, 2020, Zeng Jiguo, the general manager of the Dima Evergreen Club, introduced that the Dima Evergreen Club isDima sharesThe health care industry brand created in response to the national strategy of “Healthy China” has been deployed in two key areas, Sichuan-Chongqing and Central Shanghai, operating 11 medical and health care projects, 2 projects under construction, and operating more than 2,000 beds. It currently covers more than 50,000 people.

  Yi Lianzhong

  National Demonstration Enterprise for Smart Health and Elderly Care Application

  Yi LianzhongIn May of this year, it was stated on the interactive platform that the company was assessed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the National Health Commission as a “national smart health and elderly care application demonstration enterprise”. Projects, and participate in the formulation of corresponding standards, and undertake system construction and operation service tasks.The company’s medical insurance, health care and other businesses all involve elderly care, including home elderly care service cloud platform, elderly careinsuranceWait.

According to the company’s disclosure, the company owns the Evergreen Family Health Care Platform, the Evergreen Huayanghui Health Care Service Platform and the Evergreen Medical Care Software Platform. Its “Smart Pension Cloud” has been launched in Fujian and has been implemented in accordance with national standards.Online and offlineFull coverage. The platform has been in operation successively in Lianhua Changshou Village Elderly Apartment, Jimei Aixin Nursing Home, Lianhua Love Nursing Home, Datian County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kangtaien Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc., directly covering a population of 600,000.


  Expansion of medical and rehabilitation equipment for the elderly

  XinhuajinIn the 2020 annual report, the company said in 2021 that the company will expand the business market and sales channels of elderly medical rehabilitation equipment and elderly welfare products; develop self-operated home care services that integrate medical care; obtain community medical qualifications and promote community home rehabilitation visits. Steadily broaden the content and business layout of elderly care services that integrate medical and elderly care.

The company’s big health and pension operation subsidiary is under custodyXinhuajinThe group’s longLejuInternational Nursing Center, which has the first Japanese-style nursing service model and Japanese service concept introduced in China. The Japanese pension brand introduced by the company through the center has continuously superimposed a variety of pension business formats in line with Chinese characteristics, enabling the company to continuously innovate various pension operations.

(Source: ShanghaiSecuritiesNewspaper)


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