The electric power of the people, smashing the ‘captainless Joo Ho-younger…’ “Kwon Seong-dong Wondae functions as a party consultant”

Kwon Seong-dong, floor chief attending the Crisis Reaction Committee [국회사진기자단]

All members of the People’s Electric power Disaster Reaction Committee resigned ahead of launching a new non-captain member.

Chief Speaker Park Jeong-ha achieved with reporters at the Nationwide Assembly today and reported, “The individual who is not the captain of the People’s Ability held a meeting at the Nationwide Assembly this early morning to convey his resignation and create a letter of resignation.”

Senior Spokesperson Park Park explained, “In purchase to make the method clearer, I wrote a letter of resignation currently to kind out the unwelcome predicament that happened in the past get together structure and celebration principles.” he defined.

In addition, with the dissolution of the non-commissioned committee, floor leader Kwon Seong-dong, who formerly served as acting vice chairman, will act as the party’s performing consultant, Park’s senior spokesman stated.

Nevertheless, Senior Spokesman Park claimed, “I do not know” about the composition of the new non-commissioned celebration, and explained, “It has not been made the decision at this time who will be the new non-commissioned chairman and how will the group be with no a commission. commissioned customers will be fashioned.”

In relation to this, previous CEO Jun-seok Lee, who earlier utilized for an injunction to temporarily suspend duties for all non-members, mentioned, “How do you keep a conference when the recipient is absent?'” he criticized.