Home Health The emotion of Tom Hovasse, who led the Japan Women’s Basketball National Team to the highest point in history, “No. 2 in the world” “This is the beginning, not the end.” –Basketball Count | Basket Count

The emotion of Tom Hovasse, who led the Japan Women’s Basketball National Team to the highest point in history, “No. 2 in the world” “This is the beginning, not the end.” –Basketball Count | Basket Count

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“I was watching over the podium players like a father.”

In the final of the Tokyo Olympics, the Japan Women’s Basketball National Team lost to the United States and unfortunately missed the championship. However, he won the first ever medal in basketball and set a new history. Commander Tom Hovasse describes his impressions of the unfading Olympic breakthrough.

“This journey as a team was long, with mountains and valleys, but the proud look of the players who won the silver medal paid off their hard work. Japanese basketball It was really good for the world, the players and the staff. I think this feeling will deepen in the next few days. “

He goes on to say that there was something to be seen about the players at the awards ceremony, which only the top three in the world could attend. “I was watching the players on that stage like a father. I was very sentimental, but that’s great.”

Regarding the content of the final match against the United States, he recalled, “It was not what I expected,” and praised the Queen’s adaptability.

“I thought I could do more effectively, but I was overwhelmed by their defense and we were deprived of the rhythm. The defense couldn’t stop the inside game at all. The United States was leveling up from the time of the group league match. “

However, at the same time, “Today we can say that the whole team scored in the final of the Olympic Games. This is wonderful,” he said. Above all, “I’m disappointed. It’s natural that I have a chance to win,” I once again feel that the top is never out of reach.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the gold medal, but “I really wanted to show Japan’s beautiful basketball on this stage. I thought it was done well,” said Hobus, who successfully achieved another goal.

Tom hovasse

“I have a lot to teach. I’m always studying.”

The status of Japanese women’s basketball has undoubtedly reached the highest stage ever. “It will be a new era for Japanese women’s basketball. We will have more fans and more support. To defeat the United States, we will continue to work hard with this battle as a new standard. , I have no choice but to devise a game plan to win. “

Hobus says. “For us this is the beginning, not the end.”

As a leader in the new era of women’s basketball, there is no better talent than him. “I really don’t know. I want to hear what the JBA people want to do,” he emphasizes a blank slate about his departure, but “I’ve been with the players for a long time, so I’m very close. I have a lot to teach. I’m always studying. The basketball is completely different from four years ago, “he said, not trying to hide his love for the team.

I would like Hobus, athletes, and staff to take a rest first. However, the technical committee, which is in charge of strengthening, has no time to rest, such as creating an environment to retain the commander who has been highly evaluated at the Olympic Games and establishing a medium- to long-term vision. This is where the Japan Basketball Association’s biggest move begins in order to maintain the updraft created by the breakthrough at the Olympics.

Immediately from here, the Asian Cup will start at the end of September. I hope that Hobus will continue to command the Japanese national team. However, I would like to conclude with the utmost gratitude for the fact that the women’s basketball world has spun fast, fierce, and above all, beautiful basketball that has attracted fans all over the world and led them to win medals at the Olympic Games.


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