The end of the civil case, “Mother Watermelon” is satisfied with the compensation. Total cure over 9.2 million baht

The end of the civil case, “Nida’s Watermelon Mother” is satisfied with the compensation from the 6 defendants which totals more than 9.2 million baht. The court scheduled an appointment in the criminal case on December 22.

Progress on the cause of the death of a young actress”Watermelon NidaToday (September 21) Nonthaburi Provincial Court Appointments to protect rights and to take evidence in the case of the death of a young actress withThe six defendants in the case including Mr. Nithat Kiratisuthisathorn (Swydd), Mr. Paiboon Trikanjananan (Robert), Mr. M Thamtheerasri (Pheem), Mr. Tanuphat Lertthaweewit (Po), Ms. Ij Sarin Juthasuksawat (Kratik) and Sand Visapat, who today are already 6 people Mrs. Panida Siriyuthyothin, mother of Watermelon travel by appointment Initially, Ms Panida revealed that the data had a number of compensations in her mind.

Later, at 1:30 pm after the court Made an appointment to test the evidence of the 6 defendants in the case of the death of the actress “Watermelon Nida” with an appointment to protect the rights toNegotiating compensationwith Mrs. Panida Sirayuthyothin, Mae Melon, first reported it Ms Panida is satisfied with the negotiations to improve.

While the bottle and San, together with Mr. Pornsak Wiphasaraphanon, a lawyer gave an interview to the media by Mr. Pornsak, San’s lawyer, revealed that the compensation negotiations With mother melon can agree. civil and criminal cases

in which part ofcriminal case Watermelon’s mother has withdrawn the application as a joint challenge in this case. Regarding the evidence of the six defendants, they denied the allegations and the court will schedule an appointment with the parties to examine the evidence again on December 22, 65 at 9:00 am

The flask said that today he raised his hand to say hello to Mae Melon and greeted each other as usual, and the mother accepted. The atmosphere of the conversation was good. Personally, I have no problems with my mother. because he is considered an adult who, if they meet, they greet as usual And today I saw my mother saying Looking much brighter and looking younger.

San’s side said today that the atmosphere is mutually agreed. Between the people on the boat and Ms Panida it went well, and the mother was very cute. He and the flask gave his mother a present, a pair of pearl earrings. It is an intention to give already. chosen from the appropriate you think your mother would like When he handed it to his mother, she smiled brightly. However, after completing the process today I feel more comfortable, in fact, I feel more relieved because I know the law. know more guidelines

It was said that today Ms Panida Watermelon’s mother is satisfied after the 6 defendants placed 400,000 baht in cash today and 1,600,000 baht in cashier’s checks before the court and agreed to pay another 30,000 baht a month for 20 years, a total of 9,200,000 baht to her mother watermelon until the mother died In addition, San and the flask also gave pearl earrings worth about 50,000 baht to the mother of the watermelon in front of the court as well. During the case, Mae Panida and the 6 defendants had a good conversation. Talk to each other sweetly, especially Po and Robert, who my mother always calls “love girl”.

However, after the court process was completed the reporter stayed to interview Mrs Watermelon’s mother. because before going to court Mum told me to go and see the court first. then come for an interview But the reporters waited until they were surprised to find out where her mother had gone and questioned the court officials. side door address It turns out that the officer said that Ms. Watermelon left, along with a few other men, as far as journalists noticed, Po and Robert did not leave the court, like Flask, San and Job.

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