The end of the journey in Elgado! Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Bonus Update

On June 7 (Wednesday), Capcom held a special program introducing the bonus update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (hereafter referred to as ‘Sunbreak’) via YouTube. This bonus update is an update that marks the end of Sunbreak, and the last extra monster, ‘Mel-Jenna Carving the Origin’ was released.

In addition, in this special program, Ryozo Tsujimoto, Yasunori Ichinose, and Yoshitake Suzuki, the core developers of Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak, participate in the ‘Developer Chat Room’ to share stories related to Rise and Sunbreak also got The bonus update will be delivered on Thursday, June 8th.

The new monster in this update is ‘Mel-Jenna Carving the Origin’. It is a special object of Sunbreak’s signature monster, Mel-Jenna, and is the last additional monster in this series, and is intended to end the journey in Sunbreak. Mel-Jenna, who carves the origin, can accept quests from Master Rank 10 or higher.

As new monsters appear, derivative weapons, armor and decorations are also added. Along with this, more powerful equipment installations will be possible as reinforcement slots are added to armor fusion.

After the bonus update, additional event quests will be distributed until July 27th (Thursday). The event quests to be distributed this time are prepared as high difficulty quests that give you a sense of accomplishment, so it would be a good idea to challenge them. As for the paid download content, all the products have been added starting with Ver.15, but after the update, DLC packs bundled with various themes will be sold at a low price.

In addition, Sunbreak will be released through the XBOX X series | S, XBOX ONE, Windows, PS5, and PS4 will also be updated on August 24 (Thursday). In the corresponding platform, only the content up to the third title update (Fer. 13) was included, but through additional updates, all content up to the bonus update (Fer. 16) is applied.

More details about this update are available on the official website.

Following the rollout of the update, a ‘Developers Chat Room’ corner was held with Ryozo Tsujimoto, Yasunori Ichinose, and Yoshitake Suzuki, the key developers of Rise and Sunbreak. Through this corner, the situation at the time of game development and release and various stories behind the scenes were revealed. Afterwards, the Sunbreak special ended with the release of an infographic video summarizing Rise and Sunbreak’s footprint.


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