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According to SunSirs monitoring: at the beginning of this montheggThe price was 12.33 yuan / kg, and the price of eggs at the end of this month was 11.38 yuan / kg, a price reduction of 7.70%, and a price increase of 13.69% compared to the same period last year.

Market analysis

In November, egg supply may have decreased from month to month, and commodity supply in production areas is generally limited. Affected by the weak call of egg prices, the willingness to cull on the breeding side has become stronger, and the number of old hens culls has increased recently. According to the calculation based on historical replenishment, the number of new laying hens in November and December decreased month on month.

Going into December, demand for eggs has improved due to holiday demand boosted by New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival. Judging by recent market performance, final demand is still weak. The price of eggs and the short-term demand interact with each other When the price of the egg rebounds, the demand will fall, which will prevent the price of eggs from continuing to rise; when the price of eggs falls, demand will increase, supporting a small rebound. in the egg price.


At present, the fundamentals of eggs are gradually turning into short-term weak supply and demand. The end of the year will be the peak eating season, but the growth rate is limited. It is expected that the price of eggs may be dominated by strong fluctuations .

(Article source: SunSir)

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