The European Union joins forces with Central Food Retail to launch a marketing campaign Entering the European food business in Thailand

The European Union (EU) and Central Food Retail are joining forces to launch the campaign “COLOURS BY EUROPE. TASTES OF EXCELLENCE.” Creating a CHEF TABLE experience for the first time, “Chef Table”.


by the campaign “COLOURS BY EUROPE. TASTES OF EXCELLENCE” promoting food products and beverages for agriculture of the European Union (EU), creating a special experience “Chef Table” for the first time, serving outstanding and delicious European-style dinners by Chef Thanarat Fuengfu or Chef Sour at G Floor, Central Food Hall, Central Chidlom Department Store With the cooperation between the European Union and Central Food Retail Co., Ltd. on January 7, 65, ready to create colors with Peerawit Atthasithaphon, actor, director and influencer. famous in Thailand which welcomed attendees from leading media organizations and consumers with the highest spending in the EU agricultural food and beverage sector on TOPS online and Central Food Hall, Central Bangna. Between 15-21 Dec. ’64

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This evening’s diners will explore the world of agricultural food and beverages from across the European Union over a two-hour cooking demonstration session. Enjoy a wine night and dine with European-inspired produce at the Central Food Hall, a 4-course meal paired with original European wines and outstanding quality. Includes appetizers and assorted cheeses. Side dishes such as European-style salads and the main course is Irish stew with pork or beef. that uses world-class breeds of meat from France like Charolay

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Finish off with Pastel de Nata, the famous Portuguese egg tart, and Porto PDO wine. More than 20 EU ingredients were also showcased, including nine EU geographical indication products from France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Austria. Consumers enter the world of European cooking culture. that is not complicated including buying products from the European Union To help everyone easily prepare, enjoy and share delicious ingredients meals with family and friends back home. Ready to be satisfied with a variety of options for every occasion, Central Food Hall is currently promoting more than 300 agricultural food products from the European Union. They range from meat and milk to fruits and vegetables. Cereals and pasta, olive oil, sweets, chocolate and confectionery, wine, beer, spirits and more.


However, the food products of the 27 EU member states are known for their quality and are considered to transmit a diverse food heritage. and has the highest standards of excellence at all stages of production and distribution. The European Union also implements the Geographical Indication (GI) Certification Plan, which guarantees its originality. It can be called a European mark of excellence. The goal is to protect the reputation of the products and promote the uniqueness of the products from the region. The distinctiveness will differ according to each geographical origin and the knowledge that has been transmitted since the original. Over 3,000 agricultural food products in 27 member countries are protected.

The PDO label means that all parts of the manufacturing process, processing and preparation of raw materials must occur in a specific area. The PGI label refers to at least one of the production, processing or preparation steps of the raw material. It must occur in the region. Finally, the GI label protects the name of alcoholic beverages or sensual wines. originating in a country, region, or locality, emphasizing quality, reputation, or other loosely shaped product characteristics.

From 5 to 18 January 2022, the European Union’s agricultural products were sold at Central Food Hall Central Chidlom There are also 10 top shoppers who buy EU food and beverage products from Central Food Hall Online (TOPS) or outlets in Chidlom. For those who are interested, you can follow us at LINK to learn. Learn about our outstanding EU products and special promotions throughout the campaign period. Or find more information via Grab application and Personal Shopper service on LINE @TopsThailand.

For recipes from ‘Colours by Europe. Tastes of Excellence’ Chef Table, please visit (LINK). Follow the event news on Facebook, Instagram and Website to explore the colorful and delicious world of agricultural food products from European Union Gourmets are invited to follow our campaign on our social media accounts #coloursbyEurope #tastesofexcellence #euagrifood #EnjoyItsFromEurope. #life must be colorful #color of taste




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