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The example of “vaccination”, the girl injected the first injection and got the job. Trouble taking antiviral drugs

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from the case one facebook user posted a clip and wrote a stressful message that she had gone “vaccination” at one place But then something unexpected happened when she found out that the nurse had injected her with an empty needle. before rushing to switch to another needle She wondered if it was a used needle or not. When inquired, the other party claimed that the first needle was too big and changed the needle for a new one.

The poster has revealed the clip of the date. “vaccination” with the message that “What will it be? After being stabbed with a needle, the doctor is giving injections but no pills. (I don’t know if the needle of the previous person? If yes, will I get the disease?) When I asked why I was injected twice even though it was very painful. The doctor told me the first needle was big, so I changed the needle to a new one, was it small? The doctor pulled it out and injected a new needle. Just take a clip and watch it. At first, I was still confused. Why did I get needles 2 times. #Vaccination is the cause. #What will it be?

She also stated that Always take good care of yourself. Because he is a very fearful person, selling goods, getting money, injecting alcohol, washing his hands all the time, rarely leaving the house. selling at home I had thought that I would never vaccinate myself because I was afraid, very scared, and didn’t want to get the vaccine. gather the courage Why did I have to go through this kind of situation? Very sad. Getting both vaccines and antiretrovirals. Messy, waste of time, with severe side effects. I can’t sleep now. Both vomit and shoot

All of them come from carelessness, carelessness from one person, if we don’t have clips, no evidence, one day sickness arises. come up with a disease We have to die for free or do it to other people. How will it be? Even if he said that the needle has not been used or used already To be safe, take antiviral medication for another 28 days if the body cannot tolerate both the vaccine and the antiviral drug. What will we be like in the next day? or negative effects on our bodies in the future Why did you lie to us when you made a mistake, then why didn’t you explain and tell us the truth?

About this story, the reporter went to inquire with Ms. Kanok (name fictitious), 31 years old, who posted the story, who is a native of Ban Mo district, Saraburi province. She was told that on October 27, the past you can “vaccination” at Saraburi Provincial Administrative Organization, which is their first vaccination But then the nurse injected the first needle. Before the nurse cried out Then quickly pulled the needle out of his arm. and bring a new needle to inject it again Which is the second needle, so he asked back “Why did you get 2 needles?” The nurse replied, “The first needle was big, so I replaced it with a smaller one.” which made him confused

“Isn’t that right? Why is there a small needle, a big needle? Usually, vaccinations have only one needle. But then I didn’t think much. Finished and drove back home. Then he opened the clip that he had taken. But when I watched the clip, I was shocked. because it was found that the first dose that the nurse gave him was not vaccinated. So I’m worried that this needle will be a needle that has already been used or not. To this day, he continues to see a doctor at the hospital for blood draws and is still on preliminary antiviral medication. The person who gave the injection has not been contacted. and still haven’t been explained about that syringe.”

She insisted that there was no intention of harming medical personnel. “I want to be an example of people who go for injections that they have to be thorough. Let’s see if the needle that will be injected for us is complete or not. There was no intent to harm medical personnel.”




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