The execution of the first exit from Trump Evening of Florida - Inspire

The execution of the first exit from Trump Evening of Florida - Inspire

– The second execution ordered by Gov. Ron DeSantis was the first woman Casey DeSantis from a campaign meeting for President Donald Trump, according to the governor's office.

On Monday, the Trump re-election team advised that one hundred Florida women coming to Florida's former Attorney General Pam Bondi and presidential consultant Kellyanne Conway would appear as speakers at the Women For Trump campaign rally organized on Thursday in Tampa.

But the regulator's office noticed later on Monday that Casey DeSantis will not be able to meet the rally, as the event is held shortly after 6 scheduled. Gary Ray Bowles. t

“There is a somber day of execution, including respect for the victims and for that reason, Casey DeSantis's first wife will not attend any public events,” said Helen Ferre, spokesman for the governor in Monday's Monday after notice. the campaign was posted.

Bowles, 57, is to be executed for a Jacksonville man murder in 1994 which was hit in the head with a concrete block and stopped during a robbery. Bowles, who serves life sentences for male murders in Volusia and Nassau counties, admitted murdering men in Georgia and Maryland and indicated that he had targeted gay men.

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Gov. DeSantis warns the death of Bowles on June 11, 19 days after the legendary killer Bobby Joe died at Florida State Prison.

The campaign event Thursday is at the Tampa Conference Center, hosted by Donald J. Trump for the President's political committee, Inc., being billed as “The Evening to Empower,” commemorating the 99th anniversary of women getting the right to vote by ratification 19th Amendment. t

The event is part of the same day 'Trump Victory Leadership' series aimed at registering voters ahead of the 2020 elections.


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