The experience on the plane..! Rimitomi says this has never happened before..!

Rimi Tommy has shared a note about a happy experience he had on a plane. Rimi Tommy has reached out after sharing a note lovingly given to her by an Indigo Air host. This trip with you was a great pleasure. Hope you had a great travel experience.

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Rimi’s life full of music, happiness and jokes is an inspiration to many people and be happy this way.. written in the message that Rimi received on the plane.

I received a letter just before getting off the plane, it was the first time I had such an experience, I felt happier reading it, just sharing. To be honest, a compliment like this is an inspiration to me.. I couldn’t even ask her name.. That little beauty I have.. Thank you Rimi Tommy.

Shared with fans via social media. Rimitomi is Malayalees favorite singer.. Not only in singing.. She has acted in acting and movies. Rimitomi is a person who has made a place in the mind of the audience as an excellent presenter.

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