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The experience that angered Gowriamma in the movie Lal Salam | KR Gowri Amma

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‘Comrade Sethulakshmi has not uttered any more slogans than I have called’ – Sakshal Gowriamma came there after Mohanlal had finished the dialogue on the set of ‘Lal Salami’ at Alappuzha Rest House. I do not know Gowriamma personally. But Lal knew Gowriamma well. Lal took me to Gowriamma’s room saying that he would introduce me. He was introduced as the son of a wanted man of Gowriamma. Gowriamma looked at me in silence for a moment; Then he said, ‘I have to ask my mother if she is well.’

Venu Nagavally and I prepared ‘Lal Salam’ after the death of TV and my father Varghese Vaidyan. After the release of the film, Gowriamma misunderstood me and preached against me.

It’s been a while. Actor Murali Alappuzha, who acted in Lal Salam as Comrade DK, is the lifeblood of TV. M. Competing against Sudheeran. V. Murali was forced to contest on the instructions of S Achuthanandan. According to VS, Murali, Venu Nagavally and I went home to see Gowriamma. When she saw me, Gowriamma pointed at me and said to Murali: ” He must have come here to contest. He will lose. “

Although surprised for a moment, Gowriamma gave us a warm welcome. I realized the goodness of that mind that says things like a slap in the face. Then he said to me: ” Do you know the connection between me and TV? There was nothing that grabbed me like you did in the movie. Take a look in my bedroom. “

He took me to the bedroom. Pictures of both on the walls. I also realized how much Gowriamma loved TV. As I was leaving, I hugged Gouriamma like a son embracing his mother.

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