The explosives for the bomb are suspected to have reached the courier at the lodge in Aluva Mangaluru blast suspected that the explosives used to make the bomb came from Kerala – News18 Malayalam

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The explosives for the car pressure cooker bomb blast in Mangaluru are suspected to have been brought from Kerala. The anti-terrorism squad received information that the accused, Muhammad Shariq, had taken a room in a lodge in Aluva. Shariq stayed in Aluva for five days. The investigation team got the information that Shareek had also visited the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore.

It is suspected that explosives were sent by courier to Shariq at the above address at the lodge in Aluva. It is also doubtful that he stayed in Aluva for five days. It is reported that he also received some help from Ernakulam. Shareeq came to Aluva from Tamil Nadu. The police have received the information about the trip.

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The anti-terrorism squad of the Kerala Police has found that he stayed in Aluva for five days from September 13. The investigation team has indicated that he reached Kerala more than five times. Officials say they are trying to clarify where he stayed in Aluva and who he visited.

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